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Recent(ish) news from the AM web site
Unfortunately Alex Moulton Bicycles don’t send us press releases about new products and developments, and I don’t visit their web site often – I don’t want the risk of being tempted to spend money! A recent visit did, however, identify a number of relatively recent newish items – apologies if you already know about all of these.

  • The special edition AM2. This has certainly been around for over a year, though for a long time it was not being publicised. The re-introduction of this model, one of the first two of the AM range from 1983, is only possible because Shaun Moulton located a small stock of remaining Sachs Duomatic hubs (discontinued several years ago), so it certainly will be a limited edition.
  • The Custom Bridgestone Moulton Separable – a special finish and higher quality components distinguish this from the normal Bridgestone Separable. This model has been available for a while, but, like the AM2, not much has been said about it so far.
  • Double Chainring Bridgestone Moulton Separable – the AM web site quotes availability in June.
  • New ‘Mosquito’ bars – the AM web site mentions that a new version of the Mosquito bars (as used on the New Series Moultons) is now available, in small numbers. From the picture, it looks so different from the shape of the original Mosquito bars as to make the retention of the name questionable. The bars seem wider, allowing at least two hand positions, and the forward-pointing section is swept up at the end, and reportedly will accommodate STI levers.

You can find out about all of these items, and the whole Alex Moulton Bicycles range, at their website. [06/07/2005]

Bradford on Avon Weekend, 3 – 4 September 2005
Talking of the BoA weekend (see item below), it’s now only just over a couple of months away. Details of the event, and a booking form, were in issue 74 of the club magazine, The Moultoneer. The general format is similar to previous years, but please note that to attend the Saturday afternoon activites at The Hall you will need to register when you enter, and non-members will either have to pay £5, or join the club – entry to this part of the event is free to current members of the club. There will also be a charge of £5 per tent this year for those who wish to camp at The Hall, which will go towards the cost of providing extra toilets and showers. [25/06/2005]

CYCLEFEAST – 3 – 8 August 2005
Don’t forget that the first ever Cyclefeast event will be taking place this year between 3 and 8 August. It seems likely that, like the late lamented Cyclefest, it will have a particularly strong emphasis on less conventional cycles. I’m sure there will be lots of Moultoneers there, so if you haven’t already booked for the event, do so now – more details are available on the web site at As the event is held in the north east of England, it should be particularly attractive to those for whom the trek down to Bradford on Avon for a chance to meet other Moultoneers is rather a long way. I hope to see lots of you there. [25/06/2005]

The Upper Thames Trundle
Tony Hadland’s rides were amongst the first organised for members of The Moulton Bicycle Club, and attracted huge numbers of people. It’s many years since Tony organised one of these rides, although of course we do now have many more rides in the calendar nowadays than we did back then, but the announcement in the last issue of The Moultoneer that Tony would be organising a ride under the name “The Upper Thames Trundle” on 18th June created a lot of interest amongst members. As the date coincided with Mike Roberts’ Swindon Smallwheels ride, the latter changed its venue to combine with Tony’s ride, and thus of the 21 people who turned out for the event, a few were riding Bromptons, and even a Micro (at least it is made by Pashley!).

At the start – Tony issues instructions to those taking part in the ride. Don’t ask me what the strange object in the foreground is, I never found out!

After a couple of hundred metres alongside the busy A420, we were on quiet side roads for almost the entire ride.

This was a leisurely ride with plenty of stops to partake of refreshments and for socialising – definitely the way to go on such a hot day, and particularly reminiscent of early Folding Society rides! In the bright sunshine, we were glad to seek out shade during the stops, though that did not stop a number of people getting quite sunburnt.

A coffee stop at Kelmscott Manor was thwarted as it was not open that early ….

…. so we went round the corner to the pub instead.

All the main Moulton derivatives were represented, though no Mk III and no Mini. Steve Parry had his Bridgestone Moulton with 16-speed Rohloff hub and disc brakes, as well as 16 inch wheels: a very refined machine. He also had his similarly equipped Ferrari-red SP-Brompton (see picture above). Two Sturmey-Archer 8-speed hubs were also in evidence, and even I was riding a bike with a hub gear (quite a rare occurence!).

I’d travelled down by train, and as I was booked on a particular return voyage, I had to leave the ride during a mid-afternoon stop at Filkins to ride back to Oxford. This was an immensly enjoyable day, and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that Tony may hold some other similar rides in the future. Thanks to all those who turned up to support the event, and of course particularly to Tony and Rosemary Hadland for organising the ride. [24/06/2005]

It was a great shock to receive the news that the MBC’s Membership Secretary died suddenly on the morning of Monday 20th June. Our deepest sympathy is extended to his family.

We are working to update our web pages, but regrettably the process of identifying all the links is not straightforward. More information will be given here later, but in the meantime, if you wish to contact the club on any matter which would have been addressed to the Membership Secretary, please contact Mike Hessey, 44 Paganel Drive, Dudley, West Midlands DY1 4AY, Tel: 01384 256173, email [Updated 23/06/2005]

Moulton Summit 2005 Kyoto and Lake Biwa, Japan
Keith Hales attended this major event at the start of event, and has kindly provided an excellent illustrated report, which you can read here. Thanks Keith. [10/06/2005]

Last Routemasters in Chelsea 1960’s nostalgia event – 22 July
The last Routemaster buses are being withdrawn from regular service in London, and members will have seen a proposal to take part in events commemorating this. We now have full details of the plans available here on the web site. [30/05/2005]

A new tyre for the AM
Marco Schutt has send some information about a new 17in tyre for AM models. The manufacturer is IRC, and the tyre is apparently already available in Japan, and is expected to reach the UK in due course. Information is rather limited, but it appears to be a high-performance road tyre, with very low rolling resistance, put possibly not as robust. It will also be fairly expensive. We will provide more information here if/when we get it. If it performs like the IRC Roadlite which I had in 451 form on my Pocket Rocket, it will be very good  – this was the most free-runnin g tyre I have ever used, and was also pretty good in terms of wear, resistance to punctures and handling light off-road riding. [12/05/2005]

Report on the Meon Valley Meander
In the latest issue of The Moultoneer there was a report on the Meon Valley Meander ride which took place on 13th March. Thanks to Eric Reed we now have a copy of this report on the web site, but with the added benefit of four colour photographs of the event by Chris Eley. Our thanks go to Eric and Chris for making this available – you can read the report here. [07/05/2005]

Web site update
I’m happy to report that the old web site address is now operational again, though I think I would recommend to readers that they use the newer one,, even when it merely redirects to the older one, as it will again soon. [07/05/2005]

Web site problems
It seems that the web pages are not available at present via the older web site address – The more recent site address,, has been reset to point to another service provider. We hope to get the original site operational again, but we do suggest that you use the newer address (ie the one), as this can more readily be altered if there are problems. Moving temporarily to another isp location does mean that it is quite possible that some links etc will not operate as they should until the problem has been fixed – apologies for this. [05/05/2005]

The role of the web site
It’s bad news that The Moultoneer is dropping back to 3 issues a year. This means the web site should really become more important as a means of keeping up to date on the latest news – especially in the case of things for which a delay in publication is a drawback (eg notification of forthcoming rides, and Sales & Wants). Regrettably we get very little news from members to put on this web site, and I would urge you to support the site, and especially to send news of forthcoming rides, so that they can be publicised as soon as possible. Many thanks to S&W Coordinator Robert McCann for his regular support in the form of updates for the list on the web pages. If you have news for the web pages, please email it to [02/05/2005]

Sales & Wants List update
Many thanks to S&W List Coordinator Robert McCann for supplying the latest version of the list, which you can access from the links on this page. This is fractionally more up to date than the version in The Moultoneer, and means that the necessary information from Issue 74 is now available here. [01/05/2005]

Issue 74 of The Moultoneer
Issue 74 of the club magazine, The Moultoneer, has now been published. As always, editor Tony Hadland has done an excellent job in producing a magazine full of interesting articles. I haven’t yet read it all, and it may take a while to re-type the relevant material to update the web site – so far I have managed to update the events list, but other updates may not be cocmpleted for a few days. [30/04/2005]

The Veteran-Cycle Club Golden Jubilee Memorial Ride
The V-CC Memorial Ride is always one of the highlights of my cycling year, and this year was no exception. Moultons (separable and non-separable) were present in higher numbers than in recent years. You can read an illustrated report here. [25/04/2005]

Stolen – Charcoal Moulton APB Frame Number: APB 3838 LR
Wheels DV16.
Handlebars: Easton EA70
Stem: ITM Black
Headset: Shimano 105
Gears: Sachs 3×7
Brakes: Shimano XT
Pedals: Grey / smoke alloy with clips.
Security: DataTag
Oddities: Front suspension grommet on rear suspension ball.
Bike stolen on Lambs Conduit Street on 21 April 05, London.
Please contact Mark Greene ( or Holborn Police with
details (and quoting ref: 2314752/05) [22/04/2005]

Le Moultonien No 13
A few weeks ago I enthused over this excellent publication from French Moultoneers, which provided an illustrated description of “13eme Tour de France Moulton Du 10 octobre 2004”. I commented at the time that I would like to be able to make it available to others via these web pages, and I’m delighted to say that Philippe Vielliard has now sent me JPEG images of the pages for our use. You can see the entire publication here on the web pages.  Unfortunately we can’t really do justice to the paper version  by reproducing here on the web, and I noticed at least one minor difference between the version  we now have and the printed copy (on the last page but one, there is a list of prices in France, which in my paper copy  is replaced by a picture of the Bridgestone  Moulton Separable. Those of us whose French is a bit rusty can still enjoy the pictures. Our thanks to Philippe for supplying the material, and we hope you will all enjoy seeing it. [08/04/2005]

Steve Parry’s latest creation
Enthusiast Steve Parry is well known for his excellent Bronpton upgrades, and he has also modified other bikes in the past, as well as producing his own designs. The latest bike to receive his attention is a Bridgestone Moulton. Steve is an enthusiast for the Rohloff 14-speed hub gear and disc brakes, so it is no surprise to find these amongst the features of his modified Bridgestone Moulton. The bike was on show at the Bristol folder meeting on 2 April, and we are indebted to Mike Roberts for both the information about the bike and the pictures. Mike reports:

“Steve Parry demonstrated his latest creation at the Bristol Docks ride today. He has modified a Bridgestone Moulton this time (rather than his more usual Brompton upgrades).
First of all, he has fitted 16-inch (349) wheels, as per the original classic Moultons. This allows a far greater range of tyres, and importantly, it increases the mudguard clearance. It should even be possible to fit some of the newer low rolling resistance ‘fat’ tyres.
Changing the wheel size would cause brake fitment problems, but Steve has solved this by fitting Hope hydraulic disc brakes front and rear. The front brake is powerful enough to stand the bike on end! The rear hydraulic line is not separable at present, although it is possible to get a line connector.
A standard Hope hub is used at the front, and at the rear a Rohloff hub is used. The 14-speed hub thus solves any gearing problems. Both existing cable splitters are used for the gear change – the two connectors move up and down in opposite directions like little cable cars.
Steve raised the rear suspension slightly to compensate for the smaller wheel size, and he stiffened the front suspension slightly for his own weight.
There are many other SP touches, the result is a very pleasant, easy riding bike that is comfortable and will do anything and go anywhere.”

It seems at least possible that the bike may also feature in a future issue of The Moultoneer. [02/04/2005]

Has anyone had a red Jubilee stolen?
A Folding Society member reports seeing a red Jubilee for sale at Brick Lane this morning (13th March). This is a location which has apparently gained a reputation for being a place where stolen bicycles are sold. If any member has had such a machine stolen, please contact us, and we may be able to re-unite you with the bike. [13/03/2005]

Good news – stolen APB recovered
We are glad to be able to report that one of the stolen Moultons which have been listed here – the orange APB – has now been recovered. It seems that this was probably the result of a recent operation in which a number of small wheeled bikes were recovered following some detective work by a victim of a theft. [04/03/2005]

Sales & Wants List update
We’d like to thank S&W Co-ordinator Robert McCann for supplying an update for the Sales & Wants List – you can access it via the usual links on this web page. This is the first version of the web page to be edited using a different computer system (not Intel/’IBM PC compatible’/Windows), and, whatever the virtues or otherwise of the hadware and operating system, the web page editing software is not as good as Microsoft’s Front Page Express, so I hope that the resulting page is still bearable (life is too short to slog through editing it all in a text editor, though of course ALL these web pages had to maintained that way originally). [14/02/2005]

Stolen – Black Moulton APB12 (frame number APB 602)
Fitted wiith Campagnolo brakes, and chainset, rear carrier, black Wright’s saddle, chunky black BMX tyres and a pretty rusty seatpost. It also had mounts for a Cateye front light and cycle computer, and also an old EverReady beige rear light (although these may be removed if it’s seen again). It’s in well used condition with the usual scrapes and odd knocks to the frame. It was stolen from Cheshunt Station (north of London) platform at some point today (between 8.15am and 8pm) by someone cutting through the Kryptonite lock (there was no trace of lock or bike frame on the ground). As Cheshunt is on the Cambridge-Liverpool Street line, and the bike was locked in the cycle shed on the Cambridge-bound platform, I presume that the thief has probably taken it to Cambridge to sell it. If anyone spots it either in Cambridge or London, please either email, or call on 0794 111 4554. [10/02/2005]

Another splendid publication
I received recently an excellent booklet, the cover of which is shown on the right, from our Moultoneering friends in France. It’s a report on their October ride, and runs to no less than 24 pages of full colour A5, beautifully produced. It’s a pity I can’t reproduce it all here – perhaps they might be able to produce a pdf version of it in future, so that we could all enjoy it via a web site. Many thanks for sending me a copy. [28/01/2005]

Issue 73 of The Moultoneer
Issue 73 of The Moultoneer has now been published – if you don’t have yours yet, it should be with you very soon (assuming your membership is up to date – see below). Congratulations yet again to editor Tony Hadland for an excellent publication. [27/01/2005]

Next issue of The Moultoneer soon – but ONLY for those who have renewed their membership subscription!
The next issue of The Moultoneer will be going to press very soon, and should be with members within a few weeks. We are assuming that anyone who has not yet renewed their membership is not going to, and so they won’t receive the new issue. If you have not yet renewed your membership, you need to do so immediately if you are to get this and future issues of The Moultoneer. [05/01/2005]

Updated Sales & Wants List
We are starting the new year with an update to the S&W List – you can find it via the usual link on this page. Our thans to S&W Coordinator Robert McCann for providing the update. [01/01/2005]

Stolen Moulton AM7
Stolen on Thursday 16th December 2004 around 8.30 pm in Farringdon, London: Moulton AM7 – silver colour adjustable stem, silver colour straight bars, black thumb shifter and brake levers, white and pink ‘barbie’ bell, Brooks Professional woman’s saddle, R&M Birdy Dotek chainset with plastic chainguards, AM large rear rack, brand new front wheel, new black Shimano rear mech, rear wheel from AM GT with 20 spokes and 8-speed Hugi hub – please call 07870 206 866 or email with any info. or sightings – cash reward for return. [21/12/2004]

Stolen – Pillbox Orange APB Special
Frame number:5967. Wheels: Black, with Hope hubs, black spokes. Brakes: Magura, hydraulic, with red adjusters on callipers. Gearing: Shimano 105 groupset, Deore trigger shifts.Handlebar: Easton EA70 with Yeti grips and Short carbon bar-ends. The bike went without the saddle and seat-post. The bike also has DataTag stickers and a Tag, registered to its former owner. Please contact Mark Greene ( or Notting Hill Police with details (and quoting ref: BS 5630326/04 to the police). [14/12/2004]

Stolen – grey AM 14 – now recovered
AM14 stolen from Islington, in London. It happened at night and the thief cut through the lock. Details ( unfortunately frame number is not known):
– dark metallic grey
– stainless steel rear luggage rack
– black, ladies Brooks’ saddle
– Ultegra and Dura Ace compontents
– Bar bag fitting
– red drop handlebars with one end gear shifter
Contact Gabrielle Good, email: or on: 07973 225580/ 020 7862 2306. [11/12/2004]

We are delighted to report that this bike has now been recovered – Gabrielle comments: “… my advice to anyone who has a bike stolen in London is – Go to Brick Lane market on a Sunday morning …”[21/12/2004]

Bradford on Avon Weekend 2005
The date has now been set for the BoA Weeekend in 2005 – it is 3-4th September. Please make a not in your diary now. More details will be available in The Moultoneer nearer the time of the event. [28/11/2004]

Reference section updates
A number of updates have been made to the reference section of the web pages. As with all of the web site, it would be most helpful to ALL Moultoneers if readers would 
send us more information to include here – the reference section includes links to members’ web sites, but very few of you have provided details to enable us to put in links. [12/11/2004]

Classic Moulton poster now available [Press Release]
“After several enquiries and suggestions from purchasers of The ‘classic’ Moulton, Paul Grogan has created a large A3 (420 x 300mm) sized poster based on the rear cover of the books dust jacket. It depicts all of the 16 different U.K. produced machines covered in the book.

Although it may be argued that not all the later Series Two machines are shown, the bikes have all been chosen to show a typical cross-sectional representation of the production years from 1963 till 1974. (Should there be sufficient demand in the future, it is possible another poster could be produced covering the later Series Two’s and possibly Moultons with Accessories fitted.) The posters are printed in full colour on 170 gsm white gloss art paper and laminated on the front face.”

You can see the finished poster and ordering information on the Classic Moulton website at:

Another Moultoneer web Photo Gallery
Daved Sanders, who many will remember as the first Chairman of the Moulton Bicycle Club, and Editor of The Moultoneer for a time, has started putting his collection of Moulton photos on the web, using the rather splendid web address The collection of photos on the web page is fairly small at present, but includes pictures from the latest BoA event, and Daved will be steadily adding to his Photo Gallery in the future. [03/11/2004]

Updated Sales & Wants List
Thanks to Robert McCann for speedily providing a new copy of the list following the publication of The Moultoneer – you can access it via the usual link. [27/10/2004]

Moultoneer Issue 72 published
I received issue 72 of The Moultoneer today, and once again editor Tony Hadland has done a great job (we don’t expect any less – which shows how easy it is to fail to recognise an excellent piece of work – do please make Tony and the rest of the Officers of the Club how much you appreciate their work; I’m not an officer, so I have no vested interest here). We are forbidden to publish a Sales & Wants List on the web pages close to the publication date, but we hope to have an update very soon, reflecting the latest items which are now listed in The Moultoneer. I’m also now allowed to add an event to the Forthcoming Events list! Over the winter months there will not be a lot of MBC rides (I’ll be updating the list with the one new event very shortly), but of course the monthly Origami and Swindon Small Wheels rides are always delighted to see Moultoneers. PS: If you want to visit Tony’s new museum web site, please make sure you use use the web address (note the slash, not a dot, before museum!

Reference section updates
A number of updates have been made to the reference section of the web pages. As with all of the web site, it would be most helpful to ALL Moultoneers if readers would 
send us more information to include here – the reference section includes links to members’ web sites, but very few of you have provided details to enable us to put in links. [12/11/2004]

Classic Moulton poster now available [Press Release]
“After several enquiries and suggestions from purchasers of The ‘classic’ Moulton, Paul Grogan has created a large A3 (420 x 300mm) sized poster based on the rear cover of the books dust jacket. It depicts all of the 16 different U.K. produced machines covered in the book.

Although it may be argued that not all the later Series Two machines are shown, the bikes have all been chosen to show a typical cross-sectional representation of the production years from 1963 till 1974. (Should there be sufficient demand in the future, it is possible another poster could be produced covering the later Series Two’s and possibly Moultons with Accessories fitted.) The posters are printed in full colour on 170 gsm white gloss art paper and laminated on the front face.”

You can see the finished poster and ordering information on the Classic Moulton website at:

Another Moultoneer web Photo Gallery
Daved Sanders, who many will remember as the first Chairman of the Moulton Bicycle Club, and Editor of The Moultoneer for a time, has started putting his collection of Moulton photos on the web, using the rather splendid web address The collection of photos on the web page is fairly small at present, but includes pictures from the latest BoA event, and Daved will be steadily adding to his Photo Gallery in the future. [03/11/2004]

Updated Sales & Wants List
Thanks to Robert McCann for speedily providing a new copy of the list following the publication of The Moultoneer – you can access it via the usual link. [27/10/2004]

Moultoneer Issue 72 published
I received issue 72 of The Moultoneer today, and once again editor Tony Hadland has done a great job (we don’t expect any less – which shows how easy it is to fail to recognise an excellent piece of work – do please make Tony and the rest of the Officers of the Club how much you appreciate their work =. I’m not an officer, so I have no vested interest here). We are forbidden to publish a Sales & Wants List on the web pages close to the publication date, but we hope to have an update very soon, reflecting the latest items which are now listed in The Moultoneer. I’m also now allowed to add an event to the Forthcoming Events list! Over the winter months there will not be a lot of MBC rides (I’ll be updating the list with the one new event very shortly), but of course the monthly Origami and Swindon Small Wheels rides are always delighted to see Moultoneers. PS: If you want to visit Tony’s new museum web site, please make sure you use use the web address (note the slash, not a dot, before museum!

3rd to 8th of August 2005 – Bikefeast 2005
A new alternative cycling festival based in north Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, aiming to attract an eclectic mixture of international cyclists. CycleFeast has a web site with all the latest details of this exciting event – go to for all the latest information; you can also book there – I’ve already done so! [20/10/2004]

Cycle Show 2004
You can read a report on this show, including some comments on the Moulton stand, at [28/09/2004]

The South Hants Spin
Eric Reed has sent a report, with some photographs by Chris Eley, of the recent South Hants Spin. The full report and pictures are available on our website here. Our thanks to Eric and Chris for providing the report – we would be pleased to hear from others about MBC rides. [28/09/2004]

A Moulton ride in France

NEWS FROM THE BOA WEEKEND – including a new version of the Bridgestone Moulton  and first pictures of the new Dual Pylon New Series
Report by Graham McDermott

Report and all photographs Copyright Graham McDermott

The new version of the Bridgestone Moulton

Moulton announce a new Bridgestone special machine made at the AM works. With its polished rear end to enhance the fact that the frame easily splits and higher quality componentry make this a real factory special. It is expected to be priced around £2000, whilst the other Bridgestone models are being reduced to around £1250.00.

The new Dual Pylon version of the New SeriesMoulton

Below: Here are the first pictures from the Bradford on Avon Weekend 2004, featuring the new Dual Pylon version of the New Series – note the pylon structure at the front. Photographs are all by Graham McDermott – many thanks to Graham for providing these excellent pictures so quickly (before 6:00pm on the Saturday of the meeting).

Report on the BoA Weekend 2004

The 2004 BoA event was held over the weekend of 4/5th September at the home of Alex Moulton, The Hall Bradford on Avon. Early arrivals gathered on the Friday evening in The Swan in the centre of the two and The Beehive by the Canal. It was good to see so many familiar faces again, with friends from Germany and John and Jane from Oregon who were visiting BoA for the first time. Most of us stayed chatting till closing time and made our way to our hotel, guest house or wigwam on the Hall grounds.

Saturday was warm and bright and as is now usual we met up at the Mount Pleasant Hall for the jumble sale. Business was swift with one rather special Moulton being purchased as it was between the owners car and his stall. As usual there was Michael Woolf with the Moulton Preservation, the AM works had a stand selling bits and bobs, together with a rather natty new T shirt. Paul Grogan was present also selling his book on the classic Moulton, which is also available to purchase on line ( So with lots of trading going on time flew and it time to pack away and head into town for lunch. A number of us gathered with our Moultons at The Canalside Tavern for lunch and a natter before heading for the Hall for the afternoon’s event.

This year’s theme was the Moulton Mk3 and it was wonderful to see so many machines, both restored and a few in very good original condition. The real “head turner” was Arthur Smith’s blue machine which had been converted into a fine touring model. After a few members gave brief chats about their own Mk 3 the big surprise of the afternoon was the launch of not one but two exciting new machines from the Moulton factory. The first was the twin pylon, with the pylon effect at the front steerer (see photos above). The other was a factory customised Bridgestone, with a highly polished rear end, to emphasise the fact that the bike is separable. Fitted with high quality componentry this was a fine looking addition to the Moulton range.

Around 5.00pm people began to disperse to be ready for the club’s Annual Dinner later that evening. Held at St Margeret’s Hall, around 80 of us gathered for a first class evening, with excellent food and drink. Our Chairman, Aynsley Brown, made a short speech in which he remembered Ian Hodgson, whose technical expertise was such a help to many club members, who sadly passed away earlier this year. It was good to see Ian’s widow, Anne, attend the evening. Aynsley went on to thank Arthur Smith for doing such an excellent job of organising the event for us. Dr Moulton thanked all for attending and, with Mk 3s in mind, asked members not to debase the bike by restoring them to sell at high prices. The evening finished around 10pm and a few of us adjourned to the Swan for a nightcap before heading for bed.

Sunday was glorious weather-wise and the two club rides left in splendid sunshine. Arthur Smith led the “The Moultoneer Ride”, a 24 miles run through Atworth to Lacock and back, I led the “Family Ride” along the Kennet and Avon canal to Dundas, where members enjoyed a coffee before returning to BoA. Both rides were very successful and it was pleasing to hear so many favourable comments from members about the routes.

We all met again at The Swan, where an excellent Sunday lunch was enjoyed by around 70 Moultoneers who took over the entire terrace at the rear of the hotel. Congratulations must go to the staff at the Swan for dealing with so many so quickly.

So another event is over. It was so good to meet old friends again and, perhaps, make new ones. The Moulton weekends are not just about the bikes, they are about the people that are with them. A friendlier crowd would be hard to beat!

One Moultoneer who must get a special mention is Brian Wey, from the Isle of Wight. Brian arrived on his new yellow AM 18, wearing a yellow cycling outfit AND yellow hair and moustache!!

Graham McDermott has some more excellent pictures taken at the event on his web site at, and John Shackford also has some pictures on his web site Ed. [05/09/2004]

Sales & Wants List updated
The S&W List has been updated on the web pages – please use the usual link to view it. Our thanks to Robert McCann for the update. [30/08/2004]

PRESS RELEASE – The ‘classic’ Moulton book by Paul Grogan

After 18 months of being unavailable, the ‘classic’ Moulton book (revised and updated edition) will once again be on sale at the annual meeting of the Moulton Bicycle Club at Bradford on Avon on 4th/ 5th September 2004.

The book has undergone several significant changes since the last print run two years ago. This time, it will only be available in hardback form with an attractive outer dust jacket. However, the size has increased from 55 to 80 pages, all the illustrations have been upgraded with minor corrections made and further detailing added. Each of the 16 different Moulton sections covered has been expanded with new information and the introduction of production figures. Moulton advertising of the period has also been inserted into the appropriate places the give the reader a flavour of the “Swinging 60’s.” A new section entitled “The making of a ‘classic’ Moulton” has been added with black and white photographs illustrating some of the production line assembly operations. The Masterclass sections now contain detailed coloured photographs to help explain the informative text and to guide the novice and expert alike through the tasks of stripping down, examination and reassembly of the various components. So as to satisfy immediate and future demand for this latest book, the print run has been substantially increased and there will be no problems with supplies in the foreseeable future.

The cost of The ‘classic’ Moulton book (revised and updated edition) will be £25.00. Paul Grogan will be at the BoA meeting selling the book at the Bring and Buy sale during Saturday morning and at other times (if possible) throughout the weekend. There is no need to phone or e-mail to reserve a copy as there will be plenty available. Important note: Unfortunately, unlike two years ago, payment by Visa or Mastercard will not be possible this time. Payment at BoA can only be accepted as cash or by personal cheque with a bankers card.

The website at will be updated with the new prices and new postage + packing details AFTER the BoA meeting for those members unable to attend. Please do not send / fax / e-mail the copies of the old order form as any information regarding prices and p+p is now incorrect. [21/08/2004]

Moultoneers Dick and Hazel Hanson had their Bromptons (one an SP) stolen during a recent visit to Paris. The bikes were taken on the night of 19-20 July from the Hotel Le Home Saint Louis, 28 rue Saint Louis, Versailles. Apparently it was an inside job and the police know the name and address of the person who took them, but he is now long gone. No doubt the bikes will appear in some dodgy Paris sale, and some innocents may be riding round Paris on them as we speak! Details are as follows:

One black SP Brompton. Frame number unknown
The bike is very distinctive as it has disc brakes, one of only two in the world to my knowledge. I recently fitted a Brompton rear rack which had to have a special bracket as Steve’s rear triangle is slightly different from normal. Also I had to cut the rear mudguard and bridge the gap with silver duck tape. The rear mudguard is silver whereas the front is black. The bike has a Stronglight Tarmac chainset with a distinctive light blue drilled alloy chain protector ring. The rear derailleur is SRAM. The handlebars are titanium on the usual Steve Parry suspension seat post and the seat post itself is carbon fibre.

One red and black L type Brompton, frame number 142140
This has had a Brompton rear rack fitted and the rolling wheels on the frame have been changed for green inline skate wheels. The other major modification is the fitting of a double chainring. The chainset is Stronglight Escapade and the front changer is a braze on Suntour XC pro. There is an extra Suntour handlebar lever for the front changer. The lever has a neat rubber cover. When the brazing was done the red paint was burnt on the frame, so the short seat tube is distinctive as it is painted black, as are the front forks and the rear triangle. The rest of the frame is red.

I am sure that all other members will be horrified to hear of this. We can only hope that everyone, especially those in France, will keep their eyes open for the bikes and help to get them recovered. Personally I still have not got over the theft of my New Series Moulton last year, so I can understand how shattered Dick and Hazel must be by this dreadful experience. If you have any information, please contact us asap[02/08/2004]

Contacting Steve Parry
If you have received issue 71 of The Moultoneer, you will find reference in two places to the telephone number of Steve Parry (of SP, modified Brompton, fame, as well as the special APB rear rack). Unfortunately the number given is incorrect in the last digit (although I’m told the number came from some correspondence from SP himself!). The CORRECT number is 01934 516158, as shown on our web pages. Please correct the number in your copy of The Moultoneer (middle of the first column of page 48, and top of the second column of page 62) now, just in case you ever refer back to it! I’ll just add that from my experience it is very difficult to contact him, even on the right number! [21/07/2004]

News of an event in the USA
Below is information just received about an event in the USA which may be of interest to some members there:

ROUND*UP at the NYC CENTURY: Small Wheels in the Big Apple — SUN, SEPTEMBER 12, NEW YORK CITY
“Come one, come all on your folding or small wheel bike – Moulton, Brompton, Bike Friday, Dahon, Swift, Breezer, Bickerton, Raleigh, Birdy or what-have-you… STEP ONE: register for the ride ( – online, before Aug. 28 is best)…

Then – come early to the 7:30 start for the 35 mile ride. Look for the green flag with the wheel on it, fluttering 12 feet overhead. AD HOC MEET POINT– the 24-hour deli just across from the MAKE MY CAKE bakery. We’ll gather up as many folders for the start and ride together!

During the ride, we’ll look for other small wheel bikes to roll with. Post-ride, we’ll invite folder riders and folder fans for a beer or a tea down in Manhattan.  See properly British Bromptons, Flip-Top Fridays, strange new Dahons and high-tech Moultons … talk with other folding bike folk and have a nice little time at one of the world’s largest bike rides. Bestof all, your registration fee helps support the New York cycling advocacy group Transportation Alternatives.

To arrange meeting up at the NYC Century Bike Tour, email — I’ll send you a cell telephone number for ride day. You must register to ride in the NYC Century – go to http:// for more info on the ride.

Michael McGettigan/trophy bikes phila


The Sturmey-Archer 8-speed hub, and Cycle, the CTC’s magazine
The August/September issue of the CTC’s magazine ‘Cycle’ has just arrived, and contains a report on the Sturmey-Archer 8-speed hub gear – an item of interest to many Moultoneers. The review is not at all enthusiastic – so I asked Tony Hadland for his comments on the report and the hub. Please follow this link for more on the subject – just use the ‘Back’ button on your web browser to get back here when you want to. The latest issue of The Moultoneer (71) which arrived today, contains some further information on the S-A hub, and also the competing Shimano 8-speed. [21/07/2004]

Sales & Wants List update
The S&W List has been updated on the web pages – use the usual link to see the latest version [17/07/2004]

This may be the last Cyclefest ever – certainly for the foreseeable future – so DON’T miss it!! The dates are 4 – 9 August – for more information visit the website at For those who haven’t been before, this is an event orientated towards the unconventional cycle – Moultons, folders, recumbents, tandems, tricycles etc.There will be a ‘folder’ ride on the Saturday, and of course as always Moultons are welcome on this – details of this ride have not been finalised yet, but should be available within the next 10 days. I hope to see LOTS of you there at some time during the week, and particularly on the Folder(/Moulton) Ride. [22/06/2004]

Is there anybody out there?????
Your webmaster apologises for the lack of recent news on these pages – but if he doesn’t get any information (as for the last month or more), then nothing will appear here! There is a temptation to expand on this, but I won’t (ie next two sentences deleted on further thought). I’ll just add, many thanks to Robert McCann for HIS continued support. [Webmaster, under various aliases, 22/06/2002]

Death of ex-Chairman
We are very sorry to have to report the death of ex-Chairman of the Moulton Bicycle Club Ian Hodgson. Ian worked tirelessly for the club over many years, and filled many other roles as well as Chairman. Ian was a very good friend to many Moultoneers, and he will be very greatly missed. Our condolences go to his wife and son. [24/05/2004]

Sales & Wants List update
A new version of the S&W List is now available – use the usual link on the left to access it. Our thanks go to S&W co-ordinator Robert McCann for providing the update. [29/04/2004]

16 inch (349) tyres
The section on the available tyres for the old F-frame Moultons (and a number of folding bicycles) has been updated – you can read it here. [29/04/2004]

New Membership Secretary
The Moulton Bicycle Club now has a new Membership Secretary – Eric Watson. I hope that all the references to the Membership Secretary on this web site have now been updated accordingly. Our thanks go to Dennis and Stephanie Duggan for the excellent job they did in this post over the last few years. [23/04/2004]

Issue 70 of The Moultoneer
Issue 70 of The Moultoneer is now out – congratulations to editor Tony Hadland on another excellent edition. [23/04/2004]

Stolen – AM2
Grey AM2 (2 speed) with the rear hub brake/gear change. Rear rack, grey 2 tone grips and a new Brooks leather saddle. Recently serviced. Paint somewhat chipped. Contact William English, Tel: 02072515637, Mobile 07803 162 628, email: [28/03/2004]

Sales & Wants List Update
The S&W List has been updated on the web pages – see the link to access it. Many thanks to Robert McCann for the update. [29/02/2004]

Issue 69 of The Moultoneer
Congratulations to editor Tony Hadland on producing another excellent issue of the club magazine, which reached me today (it may take a little longer to reach overseas members). Two announcements of particular note are that the membership subscription will be rising by £2 to cover increased costs, but from now on the magazine will be appearing quarterly, rather than only 3 times a year. In view of the additional events listed in The Moultoneer, our web events section has been updated accordingly. [30/01/2004]

Sunday 9th May 2004 – Isle of Wight Cycle Ride
We now have some more information regarding this ride, see the Events section of the web pages for details. [24/01/2004]

Sales & Wants List update
The web version of the S&W list has been updated – you can use the link near the bottom of the page to see the latest version. Our thanks to Robert McCann for supplying the update. [24/01/2004]

Schwalbe Stelvio for the AM series
Schwalbe are now listing the Stelvio in the 17 x 1 1/4in (32-369) size on their web sites. It is rated at 85-115 psi. The Stelvio has a reputation as a very low rolling resistance tyre, designed primarily for competition, but also performing well in many other conditions. Our thanks to Ralf Grosser for pointing this out. [17/01/2004]

APB front suspension maintenance
I don’t very often visit the Pashley web site, but I notice that it has been changed since I last went there, and one feature of particular interest is that there is now a downloadable pdf file dealing with front suspension service for the APB – as it is very similar to the AM front suspension, it is also relevant to those bikes. The web site is at [17/01/2004]

Membership Matters
Two messages for Moultoneers from MBC Membership Secretaries Dennis & Stephanie Duggan:

  1. A recent computer system upgrade resulted in some recent email messages being lost. If you emailed Dennis and Stephanie recently, and you haven’t had a reply, please send another email.
  2. Anyone who did not renew their membership for 2003/2004 (payment was due in September 2003) will not receive the next issue of The Moultoneer, and will not receive any further communications.


APB Dual Drive Tested by Australian Cyclist
Our thanks go to Stef Pluijm for bringing to our attention a test report on the Dual Drive APB in Australian Cyclist. The report is based on 3400Km of use, and is well balanced, and therefore generally favourable. You can read the report at [28/12/2003]

Another PBP report
Issue 68 of The Moultoneer contain Dave Minter’s report on his ride in the PBP (Paris-Brest-Paris) earlier this year, and we are promised another report on this ride by Dan Farrell in the next issue. In the meantime, CTC members can read about Dan’s ride in the latest issue of the CTC magazine, Cycle (dated December 2003/January 2004, pages 38, 41, 43 and 44). [30/11/2003]

Moulton Preservation Ride Report
We how have some photographs from the Moulton Preservation Ride in Richmond Park back in August. Many thanks to Nick Hando for providing these pictures, and apologies for the fact that I have taken so long to deal with them – I have been away for 10 days, but I’m also feeling rather de-motivated with things relating to cycling after recent events. You can find the report in the Event Reports section of these web pages. [09/11/2003]

Bradford on Avon Weekend 2003
The photographs of those attending the event with their bicycles which Graham McDermott took on the Saturday afternoon are now back on line following Shaun Moulton’s visit to Japan. You can see them here. [07/11/2003]

Sales & Wants List
The Sales and Wants list web page has been updated – thanks to Robert McCann for the latest information. [06/11/2003]

New Bridgestone Moulton head badge
Thanks to Bridgestone Moulton Owner Graham McDermott for sending this picture of the new, Conran-designed, head badge which is now being fitted to UK Bridgestone Moultons. [21/10/2003]

Photograph Copyright (C)2003 G McDermott

Continental 17 inch tyre discontinued
We have heard reports that Continental have discontinued the 17 inch tyre used on Moultons. Fortunately we still have the Bridgestone tyre (actually made by IRC, I believe). Given Bridgestone’s commitment to this wheel size, supplies of this seem safe, and there are some reports from usually reliable sources that Schwalbe will introduce the Stelvio in this size. [18/10/2003]

Issue 68 of The Moultoneer
The latest issue of The Moultoneer reached lucky members today – some, especially those overseas, may have to wait slightly longer. Editor Tony Hadland has excelled himself (well, this is true of EVERY issue), and the mag has 88 pages and contains lots of material which should be of interest to all Moultoneers. Congratulations, Tony, and many thanks for all the work you put into it. [08/10/2003]

Web site location
To avoid the effort required to keep two sites updated, and as seems to be working again, I’ve altered the settings so that points you back to the older address. I’d still recommend using the newer address (, as, if there is another service failure, I should be able to solve it myself very quickly. Using the new address any re-direction will be automatic, so there should be no penalty in doing this (as you may have noticed, the new address has been re-directing you to another physical location anyway). [08/10/2003]

Shimano 8-speed hub gear
This photograph was kindly provided by Julian Kowalewski. [07/10/2003]

Two events in early October
Don’t forget that there are events of potential interest to Moultoneers coming up on the first two Saturdays in October. On Saturday 4th October there is a special folder and Moulton day at Avon Valley Cyclery in Bath. AVC probably stocks more different folders than any other UK dealer, and of course they are also a major Moulton dealer. There will be an opportunity to look at and try many different machines, and of course with owners of a wide variety of folders attending the event, you can talk to owners of the machines as well. There will be a ride as well, so we hope that lots of you will be able to attend – last year’s event was very successful, and by bringing it forward a month this year we shall have more light available for the ride during the afternoon. We suggest meeting from about 10:00 onwards at AVC (for those of you who don’t know, AVC is located under the railway station in Bath). The following Saturday, 11th, is the usual date for an Origami Ride at Meriden, meeting from about 10:30 onwards. Origami Rides are open to anyone with an interest in cycling, though the emphasis is on Moultons, folders and the type of machine favoured by members of the V-CC. This month we have designated it as a ride for unusual folders – everyone is welcome whatever bike they have, but we should have some less common machines to see (perhaps even to ride!) as well as the usual suspects. [26/09/2003]

Cycle – International Cycle Show 2003 – a preliminary report
A preliminary report is now available in the News section of The Folding Society web pages a full report will follow. The show is still open until 28th September, so it’s not too late to go. Update: Full report now available. [26/09/2003]

BoA 2003 – can you help?
Did anyone, particularly those who camped on Sunday evening, notice a white 531 NS Moulton (Serial number 981109) which was used as a demonstrator on the Sunday morning, and which returned to the factory on Sunday afternoon? If you can help with any information, please contact Shaun Moulton on 01225-865895. A much more detailed description is available if needed. [24/09/2003] live again
The MBC web address is now active again. I shall probably maintain both site for a short while, and then if everything seems to remain operational, I’ll revert to storing updates on the older address. However, you will still be able to use the alternative address, and will simply be immediately and automatically redirected to the other site. I would suggest that the newer address ( is probably the safer one to use, since I can make it point to wherever the pages are actually located if we do have further problems. [23/09/2003]

Bradford on Avon Weekend 2004
The dates for the Bradford on Avon Weekend in 2004 are 4-5th September. More details a bit nearer the event! [23/09/2003]

Site address change – UPDATED
It now seems that the address is no longer available to normal users via a web browser either. If you are reading this page (using the address, you don’t have a problem, but do please let anyone who is trying to use the old address know the new one. Even if we get the old one sorted, this new address will continue to work. [20/09/2003]

German Moulton Ride 2003
We now have a few pictures of this event, which took place in June. These are just a small sample of those kindly sent to us by Hans Werner. You can see them in the Event Report section of the web pages. [21/09/2003]

Site address change
Unfortunately the usual address has become unavailable to those of us who normally maintain it, even though you can access it with a normal browser. This is exactly the opposite of what happened last time, and what we were expecting if there were a problem (see the news item below dated 10 September). Anyway, if you are reading this you are presumably using the alternative address, which is now directed to a different physical site. We have not yet had a chance to test the revised site very thoroughly, so please let us know if you find a problem, and we will try to sort it out. Of course, some other sites (including The Folding Society) will still have links posted to, and will need these links updating, which might take a while. I’d like to thank Steve Palincsar, who recovered the data from the old site for me, and thus saved a substantial amount of work trying to track down all the material locally. [16/09/2003]

Saturday 4th October – Folder & Moulton day at Avon Valley Cyclery
We have arranged a special folder & Moulton day at Avon Valley Cyclery in Bath (probably the biggest folder specialists in the UK) on 4th October. There will be an opportunity to look at lots of different folders and Moultons, and of course compare notes with other owners and try bikes. There will also be a ride in the afternoon. [16/09/2003]

Report on the visit to the National Cycle Collection
The full report on the visit is now available on the Origami Ride web pages at [14/09/2003]

More BoA 2003 pictures
Some more general pictures from BoA are now available – see the slideshow here. [11/09/2003]

Visit to National Cycle Collection at Llandrindod Wells
Please don’t forget the visit to the  National Cycle Collection at Llandrindod Wells on Saturday 13th November. This will be mainly a visit to the collection, though there will be an optional ride. There is a nice collection of F-frame Moultons, and we are promised a special display of folders on that day, with the prototype and original design documentation of the original Airframe on display as well. All folders, Moultoneers and V-CC members will be welcome. For more details of Origami Rides, including this visit, please visit the Origami Ride web page. [10/09/2003]

Possible access problems
Regular visitors may recall that the site became unavailable for about a week earlier this year. As it seems possible that such a thing could occur again (we won’t bore you with the reasons), there is now have an alternative web site address – At present this simply redirects you to the normal address, but if the normal address becomes unavailable, we should be able to restore things on this alternative address quite quickly. Please let us know if the normal address becomes unavailable (we don’t visit it ourselves every day), and we will set up the alternate site asap. [10/09/2003]

More photographs etc from BoA 2003
There are now some more photographs from BoA 2003 on the Yahoo group page. [08/09/2003]

Report on BoA 2003
BoA 2003 was a great success. The weather was superb, the organisation by Arthur Smith and the rest of his team was magnificent, and, as always, we are grateful to Dr Moulton for his hospitality, and to Shaun Moulton and the team in the factory for all their hard work prior to and during the event. Graham McDermott at  and John Shackford at already have coverage of the BoA 2003 event on line. In view of the speed and quality of the material already available at these sites, I have no plans to add to this here. There will of course be full coverage of the event in the next issue of The Moultoneer. Many thanks to the Committee of the MBC, organiser Arthur Smith and his team, Dr Moulton, Shaun Moulton and the team in the factory, and of course all of those who were able to attend the event. Thanks also to the staff of St Margarets Hall and the caterers at the dinner, and to Graham McDermott for his photography (ably assisted by Hannah Shackford) at the event, and to Keith Hales for providing the essential equipment which allowed us to show, during the dinner, some stills and videos of the Woodburn Ride and photographs taken during Saturday afternoon. [07/09/2003]

Bradford on Avon Weekend 6-7 September 2003 – UPDATED MONDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER
I’m sure none of our readers will need reminding that the most important event of the year for Moultoneers is fast approaching. Additions to the plans published in the most recent issue of The Moultoneer include a display of photographs taken during the John Woodburn Commemorative Ride and a plan to photograph individually ALL those attending the event, with their Moultons. We hope (technology permitting) to show these pictures during the Dinner, and also a video of part of the Woodburn Ride, and perhaps even some pictures of the Paris-Brest-Paris Ride, which several Moultoneers took part in. We look forward to seeing you at Bradford on Avon on 6th and 7th. [01/09/2003]

Dave Minter was one of several Moulton riders taking part in the SERIOUSLY challenging PBP event this year, using a modified Stowaway (2-speed). With the greatest respect to Dr Moulton, and the Stowaway (I still have my own original single speed 1964 model), I think that completing such a long ride, within a time limit, on a Stowaway is a major achievement. Dave tells me that “Dan Farrell  on a Pashley and Chloe on a NS finished with less than a quarter of an hour to spare. A great ride from a girl who did her first brevet less than 5 months ago.” We hope to have more information and perhaps some pictures available at the dinner at BoA 2003. A complete report will appear in a future issue of The Moultoneer. [02/09/2003]

The photograph show Dave with his modified Stowaway before the start. Dave tells us ” the red bike belongs to Mark, a workmate of mine who finished his first PBP. The replica Safari rear bag contains, amongst other PBP bumpf, a Paris-Brest-Paris board game. You’ve done the ride, now play the game! The photograph is by Charles M. “Chip” Coldwell – our thanks to Chip for allowing us to use the picture – a larger copy will be on show at BoA 2003.

Sales & Want List update
A new version of the Sales & Wants List is now available on the web pages – many thanks to Robert McCann for providing this. [28/08/2003]

Visit to National Cycle Collection at Llandrindod Wells
The Origami Ride on 12th September will be a visit to the  National Cycle Collection at Llandrindod Wells. This will be mainly a visit to the collection, though there will be an optional ride. We are promised a special display of folders on that day, with the prototype and original design documentation of the original Airframe on display as well. All folders, Moultoneers and V-CC members will be welcome. For more details of Origami Rides, including this visit, please visit the Origami Ride web page. [02/08/2003]

Membership renewals
Membership renewals are due on 1st September. There will not be a renewal form available until the next Moultoneer, which will not be published until October, but renewals can be made by sending your name, address and membership number (if known) with a cheque for the relevant amount to: Mr D J Duggan, Rock Cottage, Brook Street, Welshpool, Montgomeryshire. SY21 7NA. Or you can use the Application Form on the web site with RENEWAL written clearly at the top. If you can supply an e-mail address that would be helpful. The subscription remains the same at £10 for the UK, £12 for Europe, £15 for the rest of the world.

I hope to attend the BoA weekend in September, and will take renewals there.

Many thanks,
Stephanie Duggan
Joint Membership Secretary

25/26 October 2003 – Japanese Moulton Bicycle Club Ride
The Japanese Moulton Bicycle Club and the importers of Moulton Bicycles in Japan (Dynavector) are planning the “largest world gathering of Moultoneers” on 25/26 October 2003. The meeting takes place at Lake Kawaguchiko, near Mt Fuji, which is 100km, West of Tokyo. If you intend to attend the meeting then you must re-register. Registrations must be in before 31 August. Please send the following details : names, ages, sex, Moulton model, by fax to: 0081 33862 1650, or email : If you require any further information, please contact Shaun Moulton on 01225 865895. [23/07/2003]

Bridgestone Moulton Road Test
Our road test of the new UK version of the Bridgestone Moulton is now available. A great bike – read the report to find out more, including information on the changes to the front suspension compared with the Japanese version. [11/07/2003]

Bridgestone Moulton v other models in the Moulton range
The section of the web pages dealing with the question of choosing between the various ranges of Moultons has been updated now that the Bridgestone is available outside Japan. A further update is to be expected after we road test the UK version of the Bridgestone. [03/07/2003]

Bridgestone Moulton – pictures and more details now available
As promised yesterday, we now have pictures and more information on the specification of the UK version of the Bridgestone Moulton. Please go to our special Bridgestone Moulton section for the details. [03/07/2003]
Photograph Copyright ©2003 R Smith

Coming soon (by 12th July, we hope) – a road test of both models

Bridgestone Moulton now available in the UK
We have just heard that the Bridgestone Moulton is now available in the UK. We should have full details – photos and specs – in the next day or so. There will be two models – a separable and a non separable version. They will be built to order so that the overall gearing can be selected to suit the owner (ie choice of chainring size). The price will be £1600. WATCH THIS SPACE for full details within the next few days. [02/07/2003]

Moulton Group on Yahoo
Clive Tasker tells us he has  recently started a Moulton group on Yahoo:

“I’d like it to be a place were Moultoneers can show their pics and share experiences, stories, knowledge etc… I shall be putting up some of my photos and scans of old brochures etc up on the site and hope that others do the same. The web address is”. 

News from Clive Tasker. [14/06/2003]

Front carriers for F-frame Moultons
Clive Fletcher is planning to produce a number of front carriers for the original series (F frame) Moultons. These will be available in high and low mounting to suit both styles of Moulton. The cost will be approximately £30.00 – unpainted. Carriage is extra. Several years ago, Clive produced a number of these front carriers which proved very popular with members of The Moulton Bicycle Club. If people are interested in purchasing one of these front carriers, please contact Clive so that he can estimate how many to make. Clive can be emailed at: Don’t let this rare opportunity pass you by if you want a front carrier! News from Robert McCann, Sales & Wants Coordinator.[14/06/2003]

Bristol Dock Ride
Please note that this is a notification of a change to the regular Folding Society Mud Dock Ride on the first Saturday of each month in Bristol.
Folder enthusiasts usually meet informally on the first Saturday of the month at The Framing Factory on the dockside in Bristol from about 10.30am onwards. The Framing Factory is just beyond the Industrial Museum, and there is a small car park between the two sites. For more information about the Framing Factory, including a location map, please see  News supplied by Mike Roberts [12/06/2003]

Come back Bill Gates & Microsoft – all is forgiven!
This is nothing to do with Moultons, but computer and internet users may be able to relate to my frustration, compared to the hassle-free life we live with Moultons(!)

Probably the vast majority of readers are using a PC, with a version of Windows and Internet Explorer, to view these pages. Microsoft, as a result of its success, collects an unfair proportion of criticism. Products I’ve tried from other suppliers are generally no better, and often significantly worse. The PC I’m using for this update can actually run Linux as well, but, at least for personal use, installation is far messier than that for Windows, applications software is inferior and flakier than Microsoft’s products, and it is far from immune from crashes or other unsatisfactory performance. So, although Linux has not yet been removed, it’s back to Windows. Perhaps even worse was the recent experience with Apple – mercifully only an iPod, not a full computer system. This eventually arrived after 10 days – on line order tracking was difficult, as the shipping information involved obscure and unhelpful codes, and it eventually arrive at lunch time on Monday 23 June without any obvious warning. After two hours of unsuccessfully trying to persuade it to communicate with the PC, during which it got progressively sicker, I rang the technical support line. I was told it would have to go back, and it was too late for collection on Tuesday (which, as it happened, suited me), so it would be collected Wednesday. I sat indoors all day Wednesday, but it was not collected. At just after 3:00pm on Thursday my patience expired, and I rang again. This time I was told it needed new packaging (apparently the original packaging is not good enough for returns), and this was coming from Holland, but for some reason had been sent to Paris. I got stroppy at this point – two or three days of my life wasted is significant to me – and asked about a refund. I was transferred back to the Apple Sore, and as things stand at the moment, I’m told to expect a call early next week to arrange for it to be collected, and when it reaches them, I will get a refund. I must say I hold no great hopes. If I ever get my money back, I’ll buy another memory card for my PDA and store more music on that instead – not 15G, but enough for a couple of days entertainment. And NO, I will NEVER contemplate anything from Apple again. Make no mistake, Microsoft have many faults, but at least they are not a company dominated by stylists.

I look forward, weather and everything else permitting, to a relaxing day on a Moulton on Saturday, at the High Peak Ride (mind you, what has happened, 5 years on, to the front carriers for the New Series …. Mike Hessey, Ex-webmaster. [26/03/2003]

Sales and Wants List updated
Now that Moultoneer issue 67 is with members, the web version of the Sales and Wants list has been updated, thanks to Sales and Wants Co-ordinator Robert McCann. You can use the link at the foot of this page or on the right to access it.  Fred Smart – Acting Joint Webmaster [06/06/2003]

Moultoneer Issue 67
The latest issue of The Moultoneer reached me today, so all Moultoneers should either have it by now or soon – if you’re outside the UK, it obviously may take a little longer. Editor Tony Hadland has again produced a superb issue, and I’m just going to sit down and read it properly.  Fred Smart – Acting Joint Webmaster [04/06/2003]

Report on ROUND*UP USA Small Wheel and Folder Bike Fest in Philadelphia, USA
The Folding Society web pages report that Lynette Chiang of Bike Friday has posted a message on the Bike Friday email list:  Fred Smart – Acting Joint Webmaster [24/05/2003]

“My coverage of the inaugural ROUND*UP Compact and Folding Bike Fest in Philly is hot off the vine as a cinematic experience here: . But for those with a dastardly internet connection there’s a wordy version too. Please share this with any folding fetishists that cross your path – or anyone you talk to that went along.”

Preview of the Dahon high performance tyre
From the Folding Society web pages, we have a photo of the new Dahon 20 inch (406) high-performance tyre (described below). It’s not easy to see details in the pic, but it looks rather smart with the black bike! Fred Smart – Acting Joint Webmaster [23/05/2003]

Tin Can Ten Time Trial – not a Moulton event, but of interest to some (faster!) Moultoneers
The ‘Tin Can Ten’ is a ten-mile time trial for hub-geared machines to be held at 2.00pm, Saturday 19th July 2003, at West Leake, Nottinghamshire. In the past a number of Moultons have entered this event, which is very pleasantly low-key. How about a ‘competitive’ outing for all those lovely Woodburn reps? Incidentally a Sachs 3×7 or other hybrid apparently counts as a hub gear, but you have to be on scout’s honour not to use the derailleur! From the website (

” The Loughborough Phoenix CC and the V-CRC, are once again holding a Club Time Trial specifically for hub-geared machines over two laps of this spectator-friendly sporting course. In the past bikes dating from 1886 and 1997 have competed; so long as it goes on a hub gear you can enter. You must however belong to a club which is a member of Cycling Time Trials (formerly RTTC) and – as with all Club events – you must sign the Start Sheet. There will be prizes (though not all for the fastest times), including the amazing silver gilt Sturmey-Archer Trophy. The entry fee is £1.00, which can be paid on the line. Please send your entry to: David Eccles, 84 Calbourne Road, London, SW12 8LR”

I’m not affiliated with this in any way except for living nearby, but I shall probably attend with my APB – Dave Walker

NEW material for the web site
We’ve added a section to the Additional references page of the web site for links to members’ web sites. This will give you an opportunity to display your bikes to others. Obviously we can’t be responsible for what may be on these web sites, though we’ll make sure they are relevant before we add them to the list. If you have pictures or other info about Moultons on your web site, please email us the link, and we’ll add it to the list. Fred Smart – Acting Joint Webmaster [18/05/2003]

Issue 67 of The Moultoneer
I hear that the next issue of The Moultoneer should be going out to members in the next two or three weeks. Once it is with members, I hope to update the Sales & Wants List on the web pages (the policy is not to do an update just before a Moultoneer, to avoid putting those without web access at a disadvantage). Fred Smart – Acting Joint Webmaster[18/05/2003]

New articles
I’m off to a good start, with members already sending in new material for the web site. In the technical section, we have an article “Going, going … gone clipless” from Keith Hales, who describes his experiences of fitting clipless pedals to a New Series. And no, these are not your usual Shimano SPD’s, but a rather unusual design. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks to Keith for his contribution. Fred Smart – Acting Joint Webmaster [17/05/2003]

Please keep the news coming in!
The web pages should be a valuable resource for Moultoneers, providing both the latest news and reference material. But I need your help on this – especially to keep the events, Sales & Wants etc up to date. More test reports and maintenance and modification hints would also be useful. And a number of people have told me that they would like to see more pictures of the bikes themselves, especially the older ones. Please email me with anything I can use during the upgrade of the web site – as a newcomer to this I need your help! Fred Smart – Acting Joint Webmaster[17/05/2003]

Great news for APB owners (and New Series owners?)
Via the grapevine, we’ve heard that Dahon are launching a new high performance 20 inch tyre, which they claim is lighter and better-performing than the Conti GP. The information we have so far is:

  • 406 x 28C
  • 165 grams/pc. (35 grams lighter than the Conti Grand Prix)
  • 120 tpi
  • 120 psi
  • Kevlar bead
  • Anti-puncture lining
  • Made for Dahon by ” one of the best names in the business”
  • Ultralite inner tube
  • DualCompound casing with a harder, low friction center section and a softer Silica material for better grip on the sides

So soon we will have a choice of 3 high performance tyres in this size – the Conti GP, Schwalbe Stelvio and this Dahon one. APB/fx owners who want fast road tyres will be spoilt for choice, and from the dimensions it seems likely that it will fit the New Series as well, though that remains to be confirmed. We’ll let you know when we get more info about these tyres. Thanks to The Folding Society for this information from their web site.Fred Smart – Acting Joint Webmaster[17/05/2003]

The webmaster is dead (figuratively) – long live the webmaster!
Hi – welcome to the Moulton Bicycle Club (MBC) web site – we’re here to provide information to all Moulton enthusiasts. Although the previous webmaster has just retired, this site is not dead – any reports to that effect ‘are greatly exaggerated’! We’ll be continuing to keep these pages up to date, and indeed making some changes to the design, and adding new material, Real Soon Now, so please keep visiting the site regularly. The retiring webmaster has asked me to thank all of you who have sent messages of appreciation for his past work. Please contact us if you have any comments and suggestions regarding the future of these web pages, or if you have any material for inclusion here. See you again soon. Fred Smart – Acting Joint Webmaster[16/05/2003]

Future updates to these pages
The person who has maintained the main section of these web pages in the past has now given up all cycling and associated photographic activities, so until a replacement takes over, do not expect any updates. [14/05/2003]

Woodburn Ride
The Woodburn Ride was held on 11th May, and was very successful. A brief photo report on the first half of the ride is now available – no doubt there will be a full report in a future issue of The Moultoneer. Now includes a very entertaining report by Dick Hanson of his ride on the Steve Parry replica in the company of the real Woodburn bike. [15/05/2003]

Apologies for the fact that the web pages were unavailable for a few days – as you can see, the problem has been rectified. [12/05/2003]

Stolen from Leamington Spa Community Arts Workshop on Thursday 1st May between 7:45pm and 9:45pm. Moulton AM5, 17″ wheels. Very valuable – can’t be replaced for love or money. Painted dark green/grey. Frame number 964404, postcoded CV32 7RN. Please keep your eyes open. [02/05/2003]

Woodburn Ride on 11th May
The date of the Woodburn Ride, 11th May 2003, is fast approaching, and a Moulton Flyer has been produced giving details. The web pages have also been updated with important NEW information – you can access them here. This informs us that the start time has been advanced to 05:00am – PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ONLY AFFECTS THOSE RIDERS WHO ARE PLANNING TO RIDE THE WHOLE DISTANCE FROM CARDIFF, and NOT the Woodburn bike, relay riders and those who will join the mass ride from Gerrards Cross. [02/05/2003]

Away Origami Rides
Origami Rides are open to all Moultoneers, as well as folder enthusiasts, members of the V-CC, and indeed anyone with an interest in cycles and cycling. They take place on the second Saturday of every month, and USUALLY start from Meriden at 11:00am The May Origami Ride will be at the usual location, but please be warned that the June Ride will be at Milton Keynes on 14th June (ride starts at 11:00am at Milton Keynes Railway Station), the July ride will be at Cheltenham Spa on 12th July (ride starts from the Railway Station at 11:00am) and the September Ride will be at the National Cycle Collection at Llandrindod Wells on 13th September (mainly a visit, rather than a ride – more details of times etc nearer the date). Moultoneers will be particularly welcome for the visit to Llandrindod Wells, where we understand that they have a good collection of Moultons. [29/04/2003]

Sales & Wants List updated
A new version of the S&W List is now available on the web pages – click on the usual S&W List button to see it. [05/04/2003]

Minor update
We have added a minor update to the Masterclass on overhaul of the front suspension of classic (F-frame) Moultons, for those who may experience problems with over tight or loose bearings following replacement. [02/04/2003]

APB – All Photographers Bicycle
Long time members of the MBC may recall an article on the above subject which appeared some years ago in The Moultoneer (or was it the Moulton Flyer?). For my recent trip to the Lake District, visiting the excellent Lakeland Photographic Holidays, I chose the APB , which has had almost no use for a couple of years now. This is the early APB 12, serial number 32, which has featured several times in the magazine, and has been much modified over the years. I chose the APB on this occasion because the weight and shape of my luggage (laptop computer, two digital cameras, lenses, tripod, walking boots and a few clothes) fitted the rear rack bag nicely, and the Moulton suspension provided some protection to the more fragile items (including the rider!). Also, I’ve always regarded the APB as the bike which is least hassle to use – simple, rugged, reliable, lots of mudguard clearance, and built like a tank, although unfortunately nearly as heavy as one as well! APB32 currently runs with the 3 x 7 gearing system and a 46 tooth ring, giving lots of gears, and some very low ones, which would be welcome in this terrain, especially while travelling up and travelling back with a full load on board. In practice, the low gears are to some extent negated by the relatively high weight of the bike itself, and the inability to fold meant booking the bike on the train, rather than having the freedom which a folder would have offered (in 2002 I took an SP modified Brompton, and different camera equipment and no computer, to the same location). However, with a lot of luggage on board, unloading a folder and then trying to carry it and all the luggage is not an enjoyable experience, so booking the bike on the trains save me that problem. I had originally though I would need the rear rack and the Packhorse carrier at the front with two small panniers, but in the end I was able to fit everything except the tripod into the capacious rear bag, with the tripod strapped on top, and the Packhorse was removed. In the event, the APB proved ideal, and the journeys to and from Braithwaite were entirely trouble free. 

I only used the bike for two day-rides while I was in the Lake District – on the other days we were taken out to suitable locations in a Land Rover (and one day I walked round Derwent Water), and the total distance covered by the APB in the week was just under 200Km. The APB was very comfortable to ride, and shod with Schwalbe City Marathons it felt very stable and sure-footed both fully loaded and without the luggage. I did not do any off-road riding, though I would have been quite confident in the bike on these tyres except in very rough conditions. One thing I did find was that the riding position, which I had always considered the most comfortable of any of my bikes, no longer seemed quite right – either age or more riding of Bromptons, with a very upright riding position, may be the reason. Anyway, after the first day I raised the handlebar stem a couple of centimetres, and even after this I decided that a further adjustment would be necessary after the holiday.

The weather was magnificent throughout the week (though a bit hazy for landscape photography), and I took no less than 630 photographs. All of these have been ‘contact printed’ (or the digital equivalent), but I still have the job/pleasure of doing further work on those that warrant it. The APB proved a very effective All Photographers Bicycle on this occasion, although I have to admit that the inability to get to more distant locations early and late in the day, when landscape photography is at its best, is a problem if one has no car and uses a bicycle instead. [02/04/2003]

14-22 June 2003 – UK Bike Week
Don’t forget that it is UK Bike Week from 14-22 June. For more details, visit the web site at [28/03/2003]

Stolen – Moulton APB
A distinctive APB was stolen from Cross Street, Islington, London last Saturday evening March 22nd about 9pm. Moulton APB Shimano 14 plus in original electric blue colour, flat grey aluminium bars with Shimano rapid fire shifters & Specialized grips, triple front mech. with only two larger chainwheels fitted, front rack [black], Brooks Professional S black leather saddle, green bell with compass fitted to bars. [25/03/2003]

Web site updates
The forthcoming events and product locator pages have been updated. I hope to post an update on the S&W list within the next 10 days. [13/03/2003]

Alex Moulton – biographical video
Although Tony Hadland is no longer selling his books and videos, we understand that remaining stocks of the Alex Moulton video in VHS PAL format (for the UK and Europe) are available from Alex Moulton Bicycles (, Tel: +44 (0)1225 865895), and the NTSC version for North America and Japan is still available from Doug Milliken ( [13/03/2003] 

Gathering of small-wheeled and folding cycles – 9-12th May
This year’s gathering of small-wheeled and folding bikes will be in Exmouth in the second weekend in May, Friday the 9th to Monday the 12th. We will be meeting at the Octagon a small kiosk on the promenade between 10 and 11 o’clock on Saturday and Sunday morning. The contact on this event is Steve Parry. [04/03/2003]

The ROUND*UP USA Small Wheel and Folder Bike Fest – May 16-17-18, 2003. Philadelphia, PA USA
“Three days to explore the Compact Bicycle Universe.”
Some more details of this event appeared recently and can be found here. [16/02/2003]

28-29th June – German Moulton Ride 2003
More details of this ride are now available on the events page. [16/02/2003]

Jack Lauterwasser
It was sad to hear that Jack Lauterwasser died just recently. Jack was known to many Moultoneers, having had an involvement with Moultons from 1965. In 1928 he broke the British 50 and 100 mile Road Records Association bicycle records, and he rode with the British team in the Amsterdam Olympics. He was the subject of Tony Hadland’s first biographical video interview some years ago, when he was laready 92., although he was just coming to the end of his cycling days at the time. [08/02/2003]

Issue 66 of The Moultoneer – the best ever
Issue 66 of The Moultoneer started reaching members today, Friday 24th January. It has no less than 65 pages (A5), and is the first issue with a colour cover. But it’s not just the best yet in terms of size and appearance – the content is excellent as well. Many congratulations to editor Tony Hadland on producing such an excellent issue. If you have not received your copy yet, you have a great read to look forward to. [24/01/2003]

Sales & Wants List update
A new version of the S&W list is now available – see the link below. [13/01/2003]

The ROUND*UP USA Small Wheel and Folder Bike Fest – May 16-17-18, 2003. Philadelphia, PA USA
“Three days to explore the Compact Bicycle Universe.”
We have received information on what should be one of the major events of 2003 for Moultoneers and folder enthusiasts – the full version of the official new release is available here. We will make more information available as and when we have it. [24/12/2002]

Hockenheim with an APB
You can read Ralf Grosser’s report on Marco Schuett’s ride on the web site at [16/12/2002]

Sunday 11th May 2003 – Tribute to the Woodburn Ride
The commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the famous Cardiff-London ride by John Woodburn on a Moulton is scheduled for 11th May 2003. Nigel Sadler has a preliminary draft of some relevant information on the web pages at – this will no doubt be updated soon now that a date has been set, and as more details are finalised. [13/12/2002]

November Origami Ride Report
As mentioned below, the November Origami Ride was designated, at very short notice, as a ‘Moulton Special’, to celebrate 40 years of Moultons. You can read a report on the ride on the Origami web pages. [10/11/2002]

Tony Hadland has brought to my attention the fact that the Origami Ride at Meriden on 9th November almost exactly coincides with 40 years of Moultons (see the cover of the latest issue of The Moultoneer). ALL Moultons (separable or non-separable) are welcome at ALL Origami rides, but especially this one. We hope to see you all at The Tearooms at Meriden on 9th November from 10:30 for a (social) ride starting around 11:00. If the weather is good, I shall bring out my Stowaway (only used for special occasions!), otherwise my AM7.  [06/11/2002]

Sales & Wants List updated
The version of the S&W List on the web pages has been updated. [26/10/2002]

Moulton Bicycle Club Stockport Ride Report
The 07.37 from Wolverhampton to Manchester via Stockport was shown on the screens at Wolverhampton as being due first on time, then at 07:57, at 08.04. Then at just after 08.00 it was cancelled. At this stage the 08.11 to Edinburgh via Stockport was already being shown as not due until 09.01. Even if this were not delayed further, I would not have been able to get there in time, so I had to abandon the trip: two hours wasted, plus the aggravation. I would be grateful if anyone who was lucky enough to go on the ride could provide a report. Perhaps my next outing would be most usefully made to the Motor Show, and I should revert to owning and using a car. [26/10/2002]

Stockport Ride – Saturday 26th October 2002
The annual Stockport Ride takes place on Saturday 26th October. It starts from the home of Alice Roberts, widow of the well-known Moultoneer Hugh Roberts, at 80 Torkington Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport, and the start time is 09:30am. If you are intending to ride, please telephone her on 0161 285 1074, or notify Peter Sinclair on 01625 573379, as this will help with the catering plans. [16/10/2002]

New address for Membership Secretary
Please not that our membership secretaries have moved – their new address is Rock Cottage, Brook Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7NA. [15/10/2002]

Moulton at the Cycle 2002 Show
Moulton Bicycles had a large stand at this show on 27-29th September. The most interesting thing on display was the Bridgestone Moulton – this event was being used to launch the model here in the UK, and sales should commence in about 3 weeks time. You can read a full report on the show on The Folding Society web site at [27/09/2002]

The ‘classic’ Moulton
Paul Grogan’s excellent new book is now available, and details can be found at It is a guide to the catalogue specifications (and known variations) for the UK Moultons of 1963-1974, and includes in appendices some useful service information in the form of reprints of the Masterclass articles which were originally published in The Moultoneer. [26/09/2002]

BoA 2002
A brief photo report on the annual event for 2002 is now available. [12/09/2002]

BoA 2002
The BoA Weekend went well, and was favoured with good weather, as usual. The Saturday morning sale was at a new location, Mount Pleasant Social Club, and seemed to attract more sellers and buyers than usual. One item on sale was Paul Grogan’s new guide to catalogue specifications of ‘classic’ Moultons – a very well produced A4 book with colour illustration, and some useful appendices, including the Masterclass articles from The Moultoneer covering suspension repairs etc.  On Saturday afternoon attention switched to The Hall, with the Museum being open, a Masterclass on Sturmey-Archer hubs by Brian Perkins, a display of F-frame bikes built at the special unit at Bradford on Avon in the 1960’s, and a discussion forum on the MBC. A brief shower of rain allowed us to make use of the splendid new tent which the Club has recently bought, and which was on the lawn adjacent to the courtyard. The evening dinner was back at St Margaret’s Hall this year. The caterers did an excellent job – although it might be nice to have proper plates and cutlery, the price was less than it had been 4 years ago, and the high cost at that time was reportedly the reason for reducing attendances. If we have to choose between high prices with poor attendances and lower prices and good attendance, then the latter is certainly preferable, especially as the food itself is excellent, and that and the company are what matters. The rides on the Sunday were a short ride of about 14Km and a longer ride of about 38Km to Lacock and Biddestone. Both were attended with bright sunshine, and produced a good turn out of riders. We hope to have a full report with pictures in due course, both here on the web and in the next issue of The Moultoneer, which Tony Hadland expects to send to members in October. Just at present I have a very high work load and a trip to Scotland in the near future, so there may be a delay before the report appears here. Many thanks to organiser Arthur Smith and his team for providing such an excellent event, and thanks to all those who attended and helped to make this such a memorable occasion. Thanks are of course also due to Dr Moulton for allowing us to visit the factory and his home, and to Shaun Moulton  and his team for their preparation, preparing test bikes and providing a ‘sag wagon’ (now renamed the Technical Support Vehicle!) on Sunday, and to Dan Farrell, who brought several APBs for us to test.  [11/09/2002]

BoA 2002
The annual Bradford on Avon weekend is coming up on 7-8 September, and we hope to see many of you there. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the promised daily reports on the event on the web pages will not be possible after all – so you really need to come to the event in person to find out what is going on. We should have a report on the event on the web pages a few days after the event finishes. [29/08/2002]

Moulton Deluxe. Black with chrome mudguards. 5 speed SA Sprinter hub and Pitbull front brake. Unique folding joint in main frame, enabling frame to be folded in half. Frame number 240963. Stolen 13 August between 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm in Chelsea area of London. Information to Robert McCann (Sales and Wants Coordinator – 38 Stuart Road, Wimbledon Park, London SW19 8DH) [13/08/2002]

CycleFest 2002
You can read all about CycleFest, which took place at the beginning of August, on the  CycleFest Report Page between 31st July and 5th August to see if we succeed. [13/08/2002]

BoA 2002 Update
Barring accidents, we can confirm that we WILL have an one-line web page giving news and pictures of the event every day it is on for those who are unable to attend. [29/07/2002]

Cyclefest update
CycleFest start in Lancaster on 1st August, and we hope to see the usual high turnout of Moultons and Moultoneers for the event. There will be a folder ride on Saturday 3rd, and as usual separable Moultons are welcome, though the need to use trains for the first and last stages of the journey does mean that Moulton users will be at something of a disadvantage in terms of the time and effort required to separate and bag the bikes. As trains will be full on these routes at these times, separation and bagging will be essential for this outing. Preliminary route details for the folder ride are available at There are plenty of other activities on at CycleFest for Moultoneers though, so if the folder ride isn’t practical, there are plenty of other things to choose from. For more information, see the Cyclefest web site. If we can manage it, we will try to post daily reports on CycleFest on the web pages during the event – watch this space for more news on this.  [29/07/2002]

Bradford on Avon Weekend – BoA 2002
This year’s annual weekend at The Hall, Bradford on Avon, home of Dr Moulton and Moulton Bicycles, is on 7-8th September. Full details appear in issue 64 of The Moultoneer, where there is also a booking form  We hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it in person, this year we hope to be posting news on the web site each day as the event progresses. More information on web coverage of the event will appear here later. [29/07/2002]

The Moultoneer issue 64
Issue 64, dated July-August 2002 has now been published, and should be with members. While we are sorry that editor John Auckland is standing down, at least temporarily, we are delighted to hear that Tony Hadland has agreed to take over as editor once again (you must be mad, Tony!). Other changes in the club officers have also taken place following the retirement of Ian Hodgson from club duties. Ian has been one of the key figures in the club in the last 10-15 years. We hope that he will soon be fully recovered from his recent health problems. For a full list of the club’s officers, see the list of officers on these web pages. [29/07/2002]

Sales & Wants List
The web version of the list has been updated again. [06/07/2002]

Swiss Moulton Bicycle Club Weekend
Pictures of the Swiss weekend can now be found at (see: Aktuell). [17/06/2002]

The Moultoneer Archive is now on line
Nigel Sadler has done a brilliant job of putting a complete index of past issues of The Moultoneer onto our web site – clicking on the topic you want will take you to the appropriate web page to read the corresponding article – including pictures. This is undoubtedly one of the most useful resources that the club has made available to members, and we owe a debt of gratitude to Nigel for all the work which must have been involved. Access the archive here, or via the contents references. [12/06/2002]

Colin Martin’s Trans-America Ride
We hear that Colin Martin is due to start his ride on Thursday 13th June at 05:00am – you can find out more at – Colin Martin’s web page, which has some information on his original ride on the Moulton Marathon, and the new ride on a New Series Moulton. [12/06/2002]

15-16th June – Swiss Moulton Bicycle Club Weekend
Meet at the Railway Station at Aigle at 14:00 to travel to Villeneuve for a trip on a steam boat (“La Suisse”), disembarking at 16:09 at Blonay-Chamby. Evening meal. Rides on the Sunday. Dr Moulton, Shaun Moulton and Dan Farrell will all be attending. For further information before 13th, contact Shaun Moulton on 01225 865895 , or contact Guy Baumgartner, who heads the new Swiss Moulton Bicycle Club, on 0041 24 466 5784, email: [11/06/2002].

Swiss site
There is now a  Swiss website on Moultons at [02/06/2002]

Subscription rates
Please note that the annual subscription rates for The Moulton Bicycle Club have reverted to £10 for the UK, £12 for Europe, £15 for the rest of the world; plus £1 for each additional family member. [31/05/2002]

Sales & Wants list updated – lots of new entries. [16/05/2002]

Whatever happened to the front rack for the New Series Moulton?
In brief, the answer seems to be *%$£ All. In deciding which bike to use for my recent visit to Skye, I rejected the NS on two grounds – lack of portability and inability to carry the luggage I needed to use. I had enquired about the front rack a number of times since a nice prototype was shown at Bradford on Avon in September last year. Since returning, I’ve asked again, as I have three other holidays planned for later this year. It seems that there is no immediate prospect of any front carrier – Colin Martin has a version to test on his trip across America (the pictures suggest it is very wide and a distinct overkill for my needs), but the rest of us will have to wait. I am lucky enough to have a Brompton, Bike Friday, Birdy and Airnimal to use as alternatives – this could well be my first year since 1964 in which I won’t ride a Moulton … in fact, would anyone like to make a sensible offer for the NS? [10/05/2002]

Swindon Smallwheels – new monthly ride for Moultons, Bromptons, Birdys, Bike Fridays – or any other type of bike
Third Saturday of each month. Meet 10:00am onwards at Food Hall, Designer Outlet Village (10 minute walk from Swindon Station – exit station foot-tunnel, turn right) for coffee and a chat, 11:30 for a cycle-path ride and pub lunch. [15/04/2002]

Sales & Wants List updated again! [09/04/2002]

Take a look at – Colin Martin’s web page, which has some information on his original ride on the Moulton Marathon, and on his new Trans-America one on a New Series Moulton. The front page of the web site looks a bit empty, but when the distance recorder in the bottom left corner reaches just over 7000 (the distance he will cover), more buttons appear on the right hand side of the screen, and you can click these to read about either the new ride or the original one. [04/04/2002]

Events page updated for all the events planned for this year. [31/03/2002]

Sales & Wants List updated. [31/03/2002]

24-26 May 2002 – riese und muller and folding bike meeting. For more details of this meeting in Darmstadt, Germany (near Frankfurt) for Birdy owners and folding cycle enthusiasts, see – the program and registration form are located there, and the text is available in English as well as German. The organisers have extended an invitation to Moulton owners, so all will be welcome. [26/03/2002]

14 March 2002 17 inch Wolber slicks going cheap
Well, relatively cheap! These slicks were selling at around £50-£60, but Shaun Moulton has some for sale at the much reduced price of £30 each, including VAT by excluding carriage. If you are interested, contact Shaun at the factory, on 01225-865895.

13 March 2002
Membership subscription rates have been revised – they are now £12 UK, £15 rest of Europe and £20 elsewhere. This covers a membership year from 1st September to 31 August, regardless of when in the year you join. The old scheme of a half price rate for those joining in the second half of the membership year has been discontinued.

24 February 2002
More information on the Continental 17″ tyre for AMs (sorry for the lack of news recently – due both to lack of any news and continuing problems with the eyes). Vin Butcher telephoned me earlier today with a progress report on the 17″ Continental tyres on the AMs. Like myself, Vin was given a set of prototypes to test, but he covers a higher mileage than I do. Despite the recall of early tyres due to a manufacturing fault (now fixed), Vin opted, like myself, to carry on using the originals. He reports that the front tyre was finally  scrapped at 2870 miles, and the rear at 2400 miles. Both failed not due to wear of the main tread, but problems elsewhere – as was probably to be expected in view of the recall. Taking account of the known problem with the first batch, which has been solved for future production, these are very encouraging figures – way beyond what we expected with the old Wolbers. Incidentally, Vin also agreed with my impression that the Bridgestone 17 inch is a bit twitchy, though in most respects a good tyre. Regular readers will know that I never had any particular complaints about the old Wolber, but we certainly seem to have two good tyres available now in the 17 inch size, in the Bridgestone and the Continental.

10 February 2002
An updated version of the MBC Sales & Wants List is now available – click on the button in the main list below to see it.

It is with great regret that I have to inform you of the death of John Pinkerton, the cycling historian. John was active in the cycling scene for many years, especially in the Veteran-Cycle Club, and he wrote and co-wrote a number of important books on cycle history, including “It’s in the Bag! – A history in outline of portable cycles in the UK”, which he wrote with Tony Hadland. John was also the publisher of this and several other books on cycle history, and he recently collaborated with Tony Hadland in producing a number of videos of cycling personalities. John was of course also a Moulton enthusiast, and had owned many different models, and was at the Bradford on Avon Weekend in September 2001. John had regularly appeared in television programmes over the last ten or more years.  John was also the organiser of the Origami Rides for folder enthusiasts, Moulton owners, V-CC members, and anyone with an interest in cycles and cycling. John was diagnosed as having lung cancer in the middle of last year, but had remained active since then, and his death comes as a shock and a huge blow to his many friends. John put a huge amount into cycling, from which we have all benefited, and his loss will be felt by us all. We extend our deepest sympathy goes to his wife Dorothy and son Douglas. [03/02/2002]
The Funeral takes place at 12:45 on Monday 11 February at St Mary’s, Tyburn Road, Erdington, followed by cremation at 1:30, and there will be a reception at a nearby social club afterwards. [07/02/2002].

25 January 2002
Avon Valley Cyclery already have their own special RG (for Richard Grigsby) edition of the New Series and AM Moultons (see below) – now we hear from our roving reporter, who visited AVC today, they are going to introduce an ‘APB’ (Pashley-Moulton) equivalent. Our reporter saw a frame, finished in an attractive orange colour, while at AVC, which is destined for one of these machines. We don’t have much information yet on the specification, but it is thought that it will be aimed primarily at the touring market, and will have a triple chainwheel as standard. As soon as we know more, it will be reported here. Watch this space!

25 January 2002
Avon Valley Cyclery have released more information about their AMRG 16, 18 and 20 special edition AM Moultons – click here for the details provided. The most interesting aspect is the fact that it seems to contain features seen in the new AM18 shown at Bradford on Avon in September 2001, and mentioned in issue 63 of The Moultoneer (pages 3 and 21). The original specification contained a typographical error (by AVC, not ourselves) which referred to 20 inch Continental Grand Prix tyres – this has now been corrected, as, like other AM models, this new machine will use 17 inch wheels and tyres.

18 December 2001
A unique Brompton has been stolen. Cut from railings on Kensington High Street, London on Saturday 15th December 2001, the bike is a red T3, and has the frame number 7088, plus two unusual features: 1) An oval chainring 2) Biogrip handlebar grips. Please contact A to B at with information, or call Brompton direct on 020 8232 8484.

16 December 2001
Web pages updated – I hope you like the (minor) changes. I have to admit I’m not convinced that it is an improvement! Please make sure that your browser points to the correct URL ( and not to a particular page on the site (eg ….mbc.html) to get the full benefit.

15 December 2001
Thoughts on Issue 63 of The Moultoneer. For some additional comments on topics covered in the latest issue of The Moultoneer, take a look at Here you will find some additional material relating to tyres and chain throwing on AM7s and other singe chainwheel machines (not just Moultons).

Issue 63 of The Moultoneer still contains our old web address – please note that the correct web page address is The old web address quoted in The Moultoneer will cease to operate at all after Christmas, so if you have not yet put the new one in your list of favourites, please do so now. A redesign of the pages is still planned, but after two attempts at a redesign I decided I preferred the current version! Third time lucky? Any email for should in future be sent to – this is NOT the email address of the Club, which will be found at relevant places on the web pages.

Issue 63 of The Moultoneer, the printed magazine of The Moulton Bicycle Club, has now been sent to members. Congratulations to editor John Auckland on another excellent issue. 

17 November 2001
Chichibu report now updated to include pictures.

4 November 2001
Bradford on Avon Weekend 2001 – an illustrated report on the annual event of the Moulton Bicycle Club.

Chichibu by Bridgestone Moulton – a report by Keith Hales on a test ride in Japan on a Bridgestone Moulton [04/11/2001].

New version of the MBC Sales and Wants list now available on the web pages – click on the S and W button in the section below to see it [03/11/2001]

Illustrated report on the Stockport Ride on 27 October [28/10/2001]

Illustrated report on the Lancaster Ride on 14 October [16/10/2001]

I’m told an example of an alternative tyre for the New Series models was seen at the Bradford on Avon Weekend – I missed this myself, but it would seem that it is not available for sale yet. We will give more news on this subject when we have any.  Also seen at Bradford on Avon was an example of the new front carrier for New Series models, with special front panniers. Pictures of this will be in the BoA 2001 report when it is completed. [15/10/2001]

Bridgestone Moulton report – the preliminary report on the Bridgestone Moulton, which some readers may have seen at the BoA Weekend in September 2001, is now available. The full report will appear in The next issue of The Moultoneer, and will then be made available on the web pages (probably in November). [4/10/2001]

New video available – ALEX MOULTON: More than just the bikes
This is the third video in the series by Tony Hadland and John Pinkerton of in-depth interviews with key people in cycling history. The subject is Alex Moulton, one of Britain’s greatest living engineers, whose achievements go well beyond the bicycles for which he is best known. The interview is illustrated with numerous pictures and archive film clips and is in two parts on one cassette. Part 1 runs for approximately 57 minutes and covers Alex Moulton’s upbringing and involvement with steam power, aero-engines, motorcycles and automotive suspension systems. Part 2 runs for 44 minutes, with the emphasis on the development of the Moulton bicycle and Alex’s reflections on the highs and lows of his lifetime in engineering. This is an all-digital recording, digitally edited to professional standards.

The video is available from Hadland Books in VHS PAL (UK) format only. This is suitable for the UK, Ireland, Australasia and most of Europe. [NTSC copies for North America and Japan will be obtainable from Doug Milliken at]. The price per copy for orders despatched by Hadland Books to addresses in the UK and Europe is £15. For orders sent to addresses in Australasia and elsewhere beyond Europe, the price is £17. All overseas orders are sent by airmail. An order form and details of the video can be found on the Hadland Books website at [26/8/2001]

Issue 62 of The Moultoneer, dated July 2001, has now been sent to members. The contents include details of changes to the model range, interviews with Jack Lauterwasser and Russell Bulgin, owners’ reports on modifications to their Moultons, including an electrically assisted APB by Peter Evans, more news of the plans for this year’s Bradford on Avon weekend (29-30th September) and regular items such as ride reports, readers’ letters, etc. We hope to have an updated copy of the Sales & Wants list available on this site soon now that the latest additions have appeared in print.

Moulton Continental tyres for the AM series (17 inch, NOT the New Series tyre)
We hear that there was a manufacturing fault on the first batch of the new Continental 369 (17 inch) tyres for the AM range, and as a result they are being recalled. If you have bought any of these tyres, please contact your dealer. The problem will be solved with the next batch of tyres, which should be available soon, but until then the Bridgestone tyre is available instead. My own pre-production set of Continentals still seems fine, though I did notice that the front tyre seems not to be seating quite right, and runs out at one point, and repeated efforts to seat it better have failed to eliminate the problem. It has not effect on the handling, but it is a bit disconcerting if I look down at the wheel. A report on the new tyre appeared in Folding Society News Issue 72 , and more information should be available in The Moultoneer in due course.