40th Anniversary Cardiff-London Woodburn Ride

Forty years ago John Woodburn set a new speed record on the challenging Cardiff to London route riding a three speed F-framed Moulton Speed. On the 11th May 2003, the MBC will celebrate John Woodburn’s achievement with a commemorative ride from Cardiff to London. The route to be taken will follow that of the original record-breaking run as closely as possible. Dr. Alex Moulton has agreed to allow the club to borrow the actual bike Woodburn rode as a centrepiece to the run.

It is hoped that for much of the journey this will be flanked by members bikes representing four decades of Moulton design, a fitting focal point to celebrate a historic cycling achievement. We are particularly pleased that the ride will be joined by John Woodburn for the final section, which ends at London’s Marble Arch.

It is hoped that the 2003 Cardiff-London Commemorative Ride will secure coverage on regional television and local radio stations along the route, helping the MBC to promote cycling in general and Moulton ownership in particular. However this – and indeed the whole event – will only be possible with the wholehearted support and involvement of MBC members.