A Date for your Diary

The date has been set for the 1998 Bradford-on-Avon Weekend. It is the 5th and 6th September. However, this clashes with a major Equestrian event in the same area, so book your accommodation as early as possible. Although the event is still some way off, planning will need to start soon, and we need a volunteer (or better still several volunteers) to organise the event. If you would be willing to help out in planning and organising BoA 1998, please contact Aynsley Brown at the address/telephone number given on page 2.


£75 Raised in Collection

Vin Butcher, who stepped in at the last moment as one for speakers after the Dinner at BoA 1997, spoke of the recent End-to-End ride he had completed in aid of a clinic caring for Cancer & Leukaemia in Childhood. A spontaneous collection raised £75 from those present. (Vin’s 14-year-old grandson Josh died of Leukaemia this year.)

Any further donations can be sent to: Vin Butcher, 105 Wellsway Bath Avon BA2 4RX


The Moultoneer x 6

As mentioned in the editorial, The Moultoneer will appear every two months from now on – always providing we have material to publish, and that depends at least in part on you, the members. It’s your magazine, and we need your articles, letters, photographs, drawings etc – please keep these coming in, so that we have material to print. Please send any material for inclusion in The Moultoneer to the Editor.

This is the first issue of The Moultoneer in which the copy was delivered to the printer on disc, rather than as paper masters and photographs (although the last few issues of TMF were produced in this way). It’s always difficult to be sure what the final results will be like when making such changes, so we hope it works out all right, but it may take another issue or two to get things just how we want them.


The New Moulton

Dr Moulton has stated publicly on a number of occasions in the last year and a half that a new Moulton bicycle is under development, but no details have been available. One of the few things to have been stated is that the new model will not replace the existing ones. Those on Alex Moulton’s Christmas card list got a sneak preview of the new model in one of Brian Walker’s drawings. It depicted the new bike in the boot of a Mini. No information is available about a launch date, but rest assured that when the bike does appear we will provide all the details.