Announcing the Land Rover APB The best 3 x 7 for a 4 x 4 x far

The Frankfurt Motor Show on the 12th September will see the launch of the all new Land Rover APB (‘All Purpose Bicycle’).

The new Land Rover APB features 20″ wheels with suspension front and rear and a unique triangulated space frame which separates into two halves for easy transport or storage – all the ingredients for the bicycle of the future today.

Like its Land Rover stablemates it is a supremely versatile vehicle delivering exceptional performance on and off road. The 20″ wheels give the Land Rover APB agility and responsive handling that is far superior to conventional bicycles. Fully active suspension provides a level, controlled ride that helps to reduce rider fatigue and deliver optimum tyre contact and grip over varying terrain. It is a combination of qualities that makes it unique.

The rider-friendly Sachs 21 speed 3 x 7 Centera gear system combines the best features of derailleur gears and hub gears, the wide gear range making hill climbing effortless. It is the ideal gear system for both the beginner and the more accomplished rider. Cantilever brakes, as fitted to mountain bikes, give positive stopping power.

The one size frame is adjustable to suit all riders and the low step over height makes it equally suitable for both sexes.

Optional front and rear racks and purpose designed bags carry loads lower than on a conventional bicycle and ensure greater stability.

The Land Rover APB is for individuals who seek the freedom to explore in their own manner and style.

Designed by Dr Alex Moulton (inventor of the Mini suspension system and latterly Hydragas(R) as used in the new MGF sports car), the Land Rover APB is hand built in the U.K. by specialist cycle manufacturer W R Pashley. Production has already begun for delivery from the 1st October. The price will be under 900 pounds in the U.K.

Pashley acquired the licence to use the Land Rover marque for the new cycle from Windsor based licensing agency Design Rights International, who represent the marque on behalf of Rover Group.

Russell Turnham, Marketing Operations Director for Land Rover said, “The Land Rover APB is an excellent example of the type of licenced product that Land Rover is looking for through its innovative licensing programme. Not only does it exemplify the high standards of engineering associated with Land Rover but also it captures the essential values of freedom and adventure typically associated with the brand.”