Bradford-on-Avon Weekend Reflections…

My daughter (she’s the noisy one – not me – honest!) and I had a really great weekend and we just want to thank Mike Hessey in particular for making it another Bradford to remember.

This year there were 4 (that’s right 4!) rides to choose from ranging from a 40+ mile ‘fast & furious’ to ours, the 12 mile ‘family’ ride. This was a really good idea and I noticed that each ride, with the exception, surprisingly, of the ‘fast’ ride was very well supported. I can only conclude that the conviviality of the Saturday night dinner had overcome the competitive nature of our keenest speedsters and they felt the ‘Safari’ ride at nearly the same length, but an easier pace, was more suitable for such a beautiful morning.

Whilst Dr. Moulton was a leading light of the ‘Moultoneer’ ride at some 26 miles, I was pleased to join chairman Aynsley Brown’s ‘family’ ride. I feel that the spread of rides was the best yet and timed so that everybody met up at the lunch halt to chat and eat together (OK so the food did take a long time BUT you should have seen the crowd!). If we are to encourage youngsters to take up cycling we really must not be selfish and elitist about our hobby. Family riding is what built the sport in the early years of this century and is the only way to re-establish the habit amongst the general public in the future.

The Jumble on Saturday morning must have been one of the most exotic ‘jumble sales’ ever with HED wheels rubbing against titanium fittings and even a device for walking your dog whilst riding your bike! Nevertheless my little box of bits and pieces fetched £5.75 which I shall donate to the Princess Diana Memorial fund (daughter’s instructions).

The afternoon saw a new innovation in the form of ‘masterclasses’ in maintaining original (Mike Woolf) and Pashley APB (Hilary Stone) Moultons. This was a brilliant idea and cleared up many mysteries for me and I judge many others. My only gripe was that I needed to attend both which was impossible as they ran in parallel. How about a video guys?

I was unable to attend the meal this year but I understand the food was up to standard and the conversation sparkling. Others will no doubt have more to say.

Bradford is the one meeting at which one is able to meet the people who have worked so hard all year to make the Moulton Bicycle Club such a friendly organisation. It’s always a pleasure to go and I would recommend all Moultoneers try to attend at least one Bradford meet.