Colin Martin’s ride from England to Australia in 1970 

In 1970, Colin Martin started on what was intended to be a world tour, cycling on a prototype Moulton Mk III fitted with a Stowaway joint, which allowed the frame to be separated for more secure storage in rooms during the trip. Sadly the original machine was stolen in Australia, and although a replacement was sent out, Colin married and settled in Australia. Although the world tour was not completed, and Colin “only” got as far as Australia, this was still a remarkable undertaking. Apart from the Stowaway joint, the Marathon was unusual in that it had a double chainwheel and double sprockets, changes from the higher to lower set of ratios being carried out manually, and it also had a Sachs Duomatic 2-speed/coaster brake rear hub, cantilever brakes, and special carriers.

Colin’s ride has been described in Peter Knottley’s booklet “Half Way Round”, and the Marathon is also described in Tony Hadland’s books “The Moulton Bicycle” and “The Spaceframe Moultons”.

Recently Colin made contact again, and in addition to mentioning a forthcoming possible project to carry out another long distance ride on a Moulton in the near future (more details as and when they become available), he also made available some additional photographs taken during his original ride. These photographs are reproduced below.l

We wish to express our thanks to Colin for allowing us to reproduce these pictures.