Coordinator Issy Whitford reports

The MBC has decided to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Cardiff to London record set by John Woodburn in 1962 by staging a re-run of his historic ride. A bounty of ideas and opinions was aired at the 2002 BOA meeting and it is likely that there is currently much speculation surrounding the event. It is always the case that one cannot please everyone, but I have listened to what I believe to be the majority vote where appropriate, and I would like to take this opportunity to share preliminary plans with club members.

The ride will take place on Sunday 11th May 2003, in the spring, which is an appropriate season for a Moulton event! It may be argued that, by having the event in May and not December, we will miss the actual anniversary of the ride. It will mean, however, that the ride can be completed in one day. Also, we will have more hours of daylight than in December and are likely to enjoy more element weather

There was an enthusiastic response to the appeal for volunteers to ride the original Moulton ‘Speed’, and a list of relay riders is currently being drawn up. There will also be a handful of strong cyclists/madmen who will be accompanying the relay riders on their own Moulton bicycles, riding the full distance. Volunteers are also needed for manning rider changeover stations. This will involve way marking, handing out drinks to the riders and suchlike. Please e-mail me if you would like to ride in, or help with, this event. Your participation will be welcomed and appreciated.

The general plan for the ‘Speed’ record celebration ride is for a succession of cyclists to ride John Woodburn’s original Moulton ‘Speed’ in relay from Cardiff to London via the same route (wherever practical) used in 1962. Others riding their own Moultons will accompany the relay team, and all will have en route vehicular back up. If you wish to book a stint riding the “Speed” please contact us by 31st December 2002.

In the early evening of the 11th May all Moultoneers are invited to join the last 25 mile leg of the ride from Gerards Cross for the journey into London. By some method or another, we will transport all riders, stewards and back up crew to London in time for this grand finale. This flotilla of Moultons with John Woodburn riding the celebrated black and white ‘Speed’ at the helm, will eventually arrive at an as yet unconfirmed venue for photographs, drinks, press interest and a minor celebratory reception.

The final point I would like to make is that this is an event that is intended to involve as many Moultoneers as can be mustered, from all corners of the globe. Please try to think of yourself as someone who is going to be there to ride alongside John Woodburn himself, riding the last leg into London at the end of the day, not someone who is only going to read about it afterwards.

Getting Back
We have been made aware that the issue of getting back to wherever folk have joined the ride, and left their cars, or got off the train etc., needs to be addressed. In response to this there will be van transport for bicycles from the après-ride reception in London, to Gerrards Cross for the grand price of £3.00. Cycle transport will also be offered from the reception to Oxford, or places in between these two points, for £5.00. At the moment there is no transport offered for people but this may change at a later date. Bikes will not be left unattended if their owners are delayed on the rail network. Anyone living in London wishing to offer their services as a van owner/driver will be very welcome.