Current APB models

The information given here is provided in good faith. However, the models do change in specification, and we do not receive information on the changes, nor do we have access to detailed specifications. Therefore please check details with dealers and Pashley Cycles.

The main listed models of APB currently available (12 September 1999) are:

  • APB S3 – a basic model with 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hub gear, flat bars and mudguards; this model is listed by St John Street Cycles, but does not appear to be in production now, as it is not listed on Pashley’s own pages.
  • APB S7 – fitted with the 7-speed Sturmey-Archer hub gear,  flat bars and mudguards.
  • LandRover APB – with the Sachs 3 x 7 gearing (3-speed hub and 7-speed derailleur), flat bars and no mudguards.
  • APB T21 – a touring version, with the Sachs 3 x 7 gearing (3-speed hub and 7-speed derailleur), dropped bars, mudguards and rear rack.
  • fx8 – coming very soon – see notes below.

Apart from the variations in gearing and handlebars, more expensive models tend to use better quality (and lighter) components than the cheaper models.

Various accessories, including front and rear carriers and mudguards (for models not already so equipped) are available. Please see our accessories page for more information.

In addition to these standard models, Pashley Cycles seem willing to build to other specifications on request, particularly models using conventional derailleur gearing with multiple chainwheels.

St John Street Cycles currently list an APB J14 model. This appears to be a machine originally built for Japan, with a 14 speed derailleur set up (double chainwheel to 7-speed sprockets). It has unusual handlebars, rather like inverted racing bars with the ends cut off and the brake levers mounted on teh forward extending part. It is listed at a price of £1050 at the time of writing (12 September 1999). St John Street Cycles also regularly advertise that they can supply older models at clearance prices.

A number of new models are in development, or are just being launched, including the fx8, a lighter version, but which sacrifices the separability of the frame. See our New Developments page for information on this and other new models. The fx8 is expected to go into full production during October 1999. A full report and road test are available on our web site.