It’s New Year and time for change, starting with The Moultoneer. After 5 years and 16 issues of labouring solo on the magazine, I am delighted to be joining forces with a fellow Moultoneer who has previously held the post of editor not just once, but on two occasions – Mike Hessey. Geographically we are well spaced, but electronic communications technology now allows us to work together. The up-shot of this change, which will include new ways of producing and reproducing the finished copy, is that we return to six issues a year.

Of course, magazines don’t write themselves, so in order to be able to produce an issue every two months, with the current supply of copy, we are having to cut the number of pages down from 32 to 24 … unless you can make it otherwise…

A casualty of the change is The Moulton Flyer, which will cease being published regularly, and will return to a “only when needed” basis. In recent years, TMF was under the auspices of Mike Hessey.

However, once again we would appeal for additional help in producing The Moultoneer, particularly in terms of contribution of articles (one-offs or regular series) and help in packing and despatch.

While on the subject of how you can help to make your club more successful, work should soon be starting on the planning of BoA 1998. In 1997 no one volunteered to do the job, and this placed a considerable additional burden on the existing officers of the club. If you would be interested in taking on the job for 1998, or even working with others with a view to taking on responsibility in 1999, please contact the Chairman, Aynsley Brown.

I am certainly looking forward to working closely with Mike in the hope of producing a better and more enjoyable magazine. Mike and I hope that you will all enjoy the results of the changes, and that 1998 will represent another high point in the progress of The Moulton Bicycle Club.