Membership Renewal

Most of you will have found a membership renewal form in with the paper issue of The Moultoneer, and this means that it is time to renew your membership (seems obvious, but based on experience of previous years, not everyone seems able to deduce this!). Please use the form to renew your membership now, lest you forget. You will find more information about renewal of your membership on page 6 of The Moultoneer.


The Masterclasses which we ran at the Bradford-on-Avon event last year proved very popular, and so we will be running them again this year. As readers will know, we have also been producing Masterclass articles in The Moultoneer over the last few issues, covering a variety of topics relating to APBs and Classic Moultons. Judging by what feedback we have had, readers have found these articles useful. However, most of the major subjects for these Masterclasses have now been covered, and we need to hear from you what other topics you would like these Masterclasses to cover in the future – please write to The Editor with your suggestions.

As well as appearing in The Moultoneer, we have put the text of the Masterclasses onto our web site. The pictures have been omitted deliberately for two reasons – to save space on the web site, and because access to the web is free, and we don’t want people to think they can get all the benefits of being members of the MBC without paying! We have some other ideas regarding making Masterclass material available, including publishing the collected articles in a single booklet, and also possibly producing at least some of them in video form. Your comments on these ideas would also be welcomed.

Photo Credits

We don’t always remember to correctly attribute the photographs we use, for which our apologies. Unless otherwise stated, the photographs are usually provided by the author of the article, or in some cases by Steve E Michaels. The exceptionally clear pictures used in the APB Masterclass series are provided by Hilary Stone himself – perhaps he might provide a masterclass on how to produce photographs which reproduce in a newsletter so clearly, when he runs out of subject of APBs themselves!


Since the last edition of The Moultoneer, yet another cycle magazine has made an appearance. But this is no ordinary magazine, for it comes from that far from ordinary cycle writer, editor and publisher – Jim McGurn. Bycycle is an excellent read for the cyclist keen to know about cyclist’s issues.