Michael Woolf – Founder of Moulton Preservation

Michael Woolf began Moulton Preservation in 1980 to ensure that the first Moulton bicycles would remain on the road, at a time after Raleigh had stopped Moulton production and the new “AM” series Moultons were still 3 years away. At first spares were sourced and pooled, later various enthusiasts contributed their skills to manufacture rare parts. It began as a small group of friends, but on 30th March 1980 Mark Ottaway of The Sunday Times wrote a piece about Moulton Preservation. Since then it has received letters daily, and now looks after approximately 1000 Moultons built between 1963 and 1974. The group was founded by Helen Marsland and Michael Woolf and is currently run from Michael’s Chelsea home.

Moulton Preservation enjoys friendly collaboration with Alex Moulton Limited and The Moulton Bicycle Club, but retains total independence. It runs on a voluntary, non-profit basis, and welcomes enquiries about restoration, spares sources etc, provided SAEs are enclosed when writing.