New features – Masterclasses

An innovation at BoA 1997 was the inclusion of Masterclasses on adjusting and maintaining Moultons – one Masterclass for each of the ranges (Classic, AM and APB). These Masterclasses proved very popular, the main problem being that more time was needed, and, as they were carried out simultaneously, it was only possible to attend one of the three in the afternoon. It’s likely that Masterclasses will be included at BoA 1998 (perhaps in a modified format), but in the meantime we are introducing a regular series of articles containing technical advice. The first appear in this issue of TMF. If you have a query you would like dealt with in these pages, please write to us and we will consider providing an answer in a future issue. We can’t guarantee publishing questions or providing answers, as space is limited, and we will concentrate on common topics rather than very specialised individual questions.

In this issue we have the first Masterclass on the Classic 1960’s/70’s Moultons. This has been contributed by Michael Woolf, and he and Ian Hodgson have kindly agreed to continue this in each issue – provided there are questions there to be answered. The APB Page in this issue has been provided on a one-off basis by a regular contributor, but I’m delighted to report that Pashley Cycles have agreed to look after the APB Masterclass in future. Due to time constraints we didn’t manage to get an AM Masterclass together in time for this issue, but all being well it will appear in the next issue, and will be produced by experienced AM owners, who will seek advice from the factory where necessary.

Please note that these Masterclass pages are not intended as a substitute or replacement for existing sources of advice, such as dealers, the factory, or our own Technical Adviser (who can offer assistance on all models of Moulton). Those sources remain more suitable for a quick response to very specific questions.


… and Product Locator

Moultoneers tend to be individualists, and just one of the virtues of the Moulton system is that not only do you start out with a superb bicycle, but it is particularly well suited to customisation to meet the needs of the owner. A number of members and other suppliers can provide parts specially designed to help you to tailor your Moulton to your needs, and a list of these appears on page 10. We haven’t tested the items concerned, so this is not an endorsement of any products, simply a list to help you find items that may be useful to you.


… and in future issues

In future issues we will be continuing the Masterclass series, and adding the Masterclass on the AM series.