Sales & Wants

Adverts for sales and wants of complete Moulton bicycles (of all types), parts and accessories are regularly carried in the club magazine, The Moultoneer.

A separate Sales and Wants List is also produced by the Club. It is available in the UK from Robert McCann, Sales and Wants Co-ordinator, Moulton Bicycle Club, 38 Stuart Road, Merton, London SW19 8DH England, at a price of 1 pound (to cover copying costs and postage). Note that although you can use the email address, this is NOT direct email to Robert, and so there will be a delay in transmitting messages to him – it is MUCH better to write to him at the above address.

A recent version of the list is shown below, but some recent additions and changes will not be shown – the paper version referred to above provides the most up to date information.

Please notify the Sales and Wants Co-ordinator when an item listed here is sold, so that the list can be kept up to date.

FAIR PRICE: A fair price is really a matter of opinion – every effort is made to try to set a ‘reasonable’ price.

REMEMBER most people are honest and are not trying to profiteer. It is up to you whether the bicycle is worth the asking price.

PLEASE NOTE: You wouldn’t want to be exploited, so don’t try to exploit the seller. Both parties deserve a fair price.

DISCLAIMER. The Moulton Bicycle Club and its Officers take no responsibility for the accuracy of the descriptions provided or fulfilment of any contracts agreed between buyer and seller. All information is provided in good faith.

CONDITION: Please make certain that what you buy is not a pile of scrap – the bicycle could be over 30 years old. If the bicycle’s condition is advertised, it is the description the seller has provided.

THE SERVICE: This list costs £1.00 so help to keep it up to date by informing me (Robert McCann) of:-

a) Any problems- Price/condition etc

b) If you make a purchase – I’ll take it off the list

c) Any relevant up-dates

Since we are not always informed of purchases that have been made, it is possible that items listed here may already have been sold.


If you have any Moulton parts (and whole cycles) you no longer have any use for, why not recycle them to needy members! Contact Clive Fletcher (South East England) who offers this free service.


If you are ‘doing up’ an original Moulton remember:-

a) Michael Woolf of the excellent ‘Moulton Preservation’ can supply many new and used parts – certain parts are unobtainable elsewhere. These parts are often specially made for Michael at his cost – he deserves all of our support.

b) Buy a copy of ‘The Moulton Bicycle Book’ and/or ‘The Sturmey Archer Story’ both by Tony Hadland.

c) Julian Kowalewski can supply original style frame stickers and head badges (all Models) Excellent quality at a very reasonable price. Better than using ‘Dry Transfer Lettering’ and cheaper.

d) Join ‘The Moulton Bicycle Club’ – you should already be a member if you have this list !!



Not all those advertising notify us when items have been sold. We can do nothing about this, and so some items advertised may no longer be available.

You should take all normal precautions in selling or buying items advertised here.

The Club, its officers and the producers of this web page can take no responsibility for any events arising from items being included on this list.

Pounds signs are used in this text, and may not be reproduced correctly on non-UK systems.