The AM-P 16

The AM-P 16 might be regarded as a Limited Edition AM model, but it is perhaps more appropriate to describe it as an AM frame kit built into a bicycle by a dealer – not the first time this has been done, but as the dealer in question is Pashley (who manufacture and market the Moulton APB range) it is potentially rather significant. The distinguishing features of this bicycle are:

  • The AM frame is built at Bradford-on-Avon. This is assembled into a complete bicycle by Pashley. The resultant bicycle is available from Pashley at 6a Union Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, Tel: 01789-297214. As this is the Pashley shop address, rather than the factory address, this seems to be a ‘dealer’ arrangement, rather than a full manufacturing agreement, and it also implies that this ‘model’ will not be available from other Moulton dealers (the information sheet refers to the AM-P16 being available exclusively from Pashley Cycles).
  • Campagnolo Veloce 16 speed gears with Ergopower control, 52/62 chainset (Middleburn outer) with 11-21 sprockets, giving an overall gear range which is quoted as 42-96”
  • Cinelli Touch-E ergonomic bar on XE stem.
  • Campagnolo Athena front and rear Q/R hubs.
  • Available in 4 flamboyant colours (Royal Red, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green and Aqua), 2 Micatallic (Warm Silver and Champagne) and 2 classic (British Racing Green and Buckingham Black) colours, described as oven cured powder coated finishes.

The bike comes with a day bag carrier and mudguards. The price is quoted as £1899 inc VAT.


This bike is as interesting strategically as technically – it marries the specialist frame building expertise of Bradford-on- Avon to the lower production cost and potential purchasing power of Pashley. This might be significant for the future if it is more than just a dealer assembled frame kit. It may also provide a way in which capacity can be made available at Bradford-on-Avon for the new bike.

Although the choice of Campag components in the gearing system may look attractive in some respects, and the elimination of the special, expensive, AM ‘silver cluster’ may seem an advantage, there does seem to be a significant down side. The loss of the 9 and 10 tooth sprockets of the ‘silver cluster’ results in rather large chainwheels, and the close ratios of the sprocket set mean that the overall gearing range of 42-96” looks rather limited. Most tourist and general riders would probably prefer a bottom gear lower than 42” and anyone happy with a 42” bottom gear might well also want a top gear higher than 96”. The Pashley shop will be the subject of the Dealer Spotlight article in the next issue.

Pashley take over Cresswell

Another development on the Pashley front, although admittedly nothing to do with their Moulton activities, is that they have recently taken over Cresswell Engineering. Cresswell manufactured a number of folding bicycles, including the Micro and Foldit. Production of those models has moved to Pashley at Stratford upon Avon. So although Moultons don’t fold, the manufacturer of the APB does have folding bikes in its range.