The detail of the original ride

Record-breaking achievements are an important part of the Moulton story. None more so than John Woodburn ‘s Cardiff to London record that was set in December 1962.

The story is well documented in Tony Hadland’s excellent book, “the Moulton bicycle”, which is indispensable reading for any Moulton enthusiast, For Moultoneers bereft of the book, here are some of the salient points:

John Woodburn was a cyclist of considerable ability (and still is, by the way – he is a keen veteran). At the time, Woodburn was the National Indoor Pursuit Champion.

Ride preparations were led by the well known sports commentator, David Duffield, who in his youth was also a record breaking cyclist.

The machine Woodburn rode was a Moulton Speed with a 68 tooth chainwheel driving a Sturmey-Archer AC close-ratio 3 speed hib gesr. The rear wheel was fitted with an 11 tooth sprocket designed and made at the Moulton factory, giving gears of 94, 101 and 107 inches.

The first attempt was made on 15th November 1962, but it was abandoned after 83 miles, when it was clear the team was already ten minutes behind C.M. Caton’s 1957 record. Technical difficulties with the hub gear, rush hour traffic and a knee injury, caused by a fall negotiating some road works, were conspiring against the team.

On December. 9th 1962, everything was set fair for a second attempt, including the weather. This time, the team succeeded. His timings were.,