The Electronic Moultoneer – Issue 52

New list of members

Those of you who have opted onto our published membership list will find the latest version of the list included with this issue of The Moultoneer. Incidentally, since we mentioned the list in the last issue, only one person asked to be added, which means that the list only contains about 10% of the members.

BoA 1998 Weekend

This year’s BoA event takes place over the weekend 5th – 6th September. For those of you who did not manage to attend the Launch Event for the new Moulton described in this issue, it will be a good opportunity to see the new bikes. By then some lucky Moultoneers should have these machines themselves, and there will of course be factory machines as well.

The format of the event will generally be the same as last year, and we hope that after the Saturday evening dinner Dr Moulton will be telling us more about the design of the new machines – this talk will as usual only be open to those attending the dinner. Details of the event, and a booking form, will appear in the next issue of The Moultoneer, but there are a few of things which we would like to mention now:

  1. The current Mayor of Bradford-on-Avon has offered to arrange a program on the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning for any accompanying ladies who do not want to take part in the cycling activities. This would probably include a visit to Bath and a look round Bradford-on-Avon itself. We need to know fairly soon whether to proceed with this idea, and the numbers involved, so please drop us a brief note, or telephone or email, before the end of May if you/your partner would be interested. In the first instance you should contact Mike Hessey, address/telephone/email on the Officers page.
  2. We should warn members now of a small change regarding car parking at The Hall on Saturday afternoon. As those of you who have been in the past will know, this is fairly limited, and anyone wishing to park in the grounds must book in advance. Even limiting entry to those who have booked, there is usually a demand in excess of the supply of spaces. If demand exceeds supply, then the obvious thing to do is increase the price. As in the past there has been no charge at all for car parking at The Hall, we are proposing to make a token charge this year of £1 for anyone wishing to park a car, van etc in the grounds on the Saturday afternoon. This does not include anyone who only wishes to unload camping gear etc and then move the vehicle out of the grounds.
  3. Another event is taking place in the area that weekend, so unless you are camping at The Hall you are advised to book your accommodation early.