The Lancaster Ride, Sunday 14th October 2001

Usually I can’t get to anything other than local rides on Sunday, as there are no trains on a Sunday morning. However, John Bradshaw kindly offered me accommodation on the Saturday night before the Lancaster Ride, so I travelled up there immediately after the Origami Ride on Saturday 13th. In view of the fact that I was going straight from a folder event, and had to get the bike on the train, I obtained a dispensation to allow me to take a non-Moulton to this Moulton Bicycle Club event, and my choice was the Birdy Red, which is relatively easy to fold and compact when folded (particularly important for weekend travel, when the trains are often very full), but is also quite satisfactory even on longer rides. Saturday was blessed with very good weather, but the forecast for the Sunday was much less promising, so I dressed accordingly with a waterproof jacket, my most water-resistant boots and socks. The journey to Lancaster was uneventful, and I spent a very pleasant evening with John and friends.


The startAs forecast, the weather was dismal first thing on Sunday, but the rain ceased before we were due to start, so we were able to spend time chatting and inspecting the bikes outside before setting off. John was riding his AM GT, fitted with mosquito bars from an NS, as can be seen in the photograph. There were two other AM models, various APBs and a good collection of the older F-frame Moultons, but no New Series machines. My Birdy was not the only non-Moulton though, with a Bike Friday Tandem Twosday and a 5-speed Brompton bringing the numbers to 14.