The Moulton Bicycle Club (MBC)

Membership of the Moulton Bicycle Club

The Club has over 1000 members world-wide. Although most of these are in the UK, there are substantial numbers elsewhere, including around 80 in the USA and Canada, and about the same number in Germany.

Membership of The Moulton Bicycle Club entitles you to the magazine, The Moultoneer, which usually appears 6 times a year. The Club also has an annual dinner, usually over a weekend in September at Bradford-on-Avon, the dinner being preceded normally by a meeting at The Hall, Dr Moulton’s home, and followed on the Sunday by an organised ride around the area. This event is open to all members, although there is an additional charge for attendance at the dinner. Other rides are arranged around the UK by members, and meetings have also been held in other countries.

An Internet mailing list facility is available to anyone interested in Moulton bicycles, old or new.

In addition, members have access to Moulton Preservation, who can supply some spare parts for the original Moultons, a Technical Adviser, and can also purchase the Sales and Wants list.

Membership of the MBC costs only £12 per year (UK members, £14 elsewhere in Europe or £17 for the rest of the world). Membership runs from 1 September to 31 August regardless of when in the year you join.

Anyone interested in Moulton bicycles is strongly recommended to read the books by Tony Hadland on the original machines and the newer spaceframe models – they are essential for enthusiasts, and will also be of interest to any engineer. There are also several videos on the subject of Moultons.