Ownership of an APB allows you membership of one of the most active bike clubs in the world, the Moulton Bicycle Club”

Membership of the Moulton Bicycle Club brings you the following benefits:

  • Our magazine The Moultoneer, which is normally published four times a year, and contains around 60 pages of A5 articles on Moulton history, renovation, touring and competition articles etc.
  • Technical advice through the magazine, other members, or the Club’s Technical Adviser.
  • Access to parts for original Moultons through Moulton Preservation, or items from members of the Club.
  • Access to the Sales and Wants list, which is available to members for a small fee, and which is regularly updated.
  • The opportunity to attend events organised by members throughout the UK during the year, and also some events which are organised on a less regular basis overseas.
  • The opportunity to attend the annual meeting and ride, held at Bradford on Avon, home of Moulton Bicycles and Dr Alex Moulton, in September each year. There is also an annual dinner on the Saturday evening of the weekend meeting, open to members subject to booking beforehand and paying the appropriate charge.
  • Those with an interest in computers, and access to the Internet, will also be able to subscribe to our electronic mailing list on the Internet, and access our World Wide Web pages